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Blogmas Day 1: Introduction To Blogmas

It’s officially blogmas! Who else is excited!?

This is my third year participating in blogmas…how crazy is that? Each year thus far I have done blogmas differently, and this one will be no different. I’m trying to find what posting schedule is best for me because the first year I did blogmas, I posted every single day and it was a LOT of work. The next year, I stuck with my regular posting schedule. Want to find out how I’m doing blogmas this year? Then keep reading!

This year for blogmas I decided that I was posting only during the week. This allows me to have a break from posting all the time and gives you guys a couple of days to catch up if you end up behind. Something else I’m doing differently is prewriting my blog posts. One thing I regret not doing both of the previous years is not being prepared. This means prescheduling my blog and social posts to go up. Not doing so makes participating in blogmas even more work.

I wanted to create this post as just a short intro to blogmas to inform you guys about what exactly is going down with the posting schedule so you’re ready for the influx of blogs. I hope you guys are ready and enjoy the topics I curated for you all!

Happy blogmas day one and I’ll see you tomorrow!


  1. This is my 1st year participating in blogmas and I’m so well-prepared for that (I hope)! So excited when planning 25 posts but I’m not publishing them every single day. I’ve started to post some of them in November 😀 Happy blogmas x

    • I’ve never heard of someone starting in November…that sounds like a good idea! I knew I would need some kind of break as far as posting on social media when promoting, so taking the weekend off was essential lol. Congrats on your first blogmas! It’s great that you’re so well prepared, especially with how crazy blogmas can be with it being so much. Happy blogmas to you too! ♥

  2. This is my first year doing Blogmas…I started Blogging This Jan (2019) and I am learning more and more as time goes by! I am giving Blogmas a try but I am only doing 12 days and I like here how you put that you are not posting on weekends…it really does make a difference so people can catch up when blogs are put back to back like this. Thanks for the post and Merry Blogmas xoxo

    • Congrats on your first blogmas! That’s a good idea to only do 12 days so it’s not as stressful. I didn’t even think about that with how so many people are also putting out blogmas posts. Now, I’m even more glad I decided to do it that way for those who don’t have time to check every single day. Merry blogmas to you as well! ♥

  3. This is my first year for Blogmas and I made sure to prewrite everything too because I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and didn’t want baby to show up in the middle of the month and my Blogmas fall apart! Happy Blogmas!!!!

    • There are so many people who have said this is their first blogmas as well and I’m loving that! Congrats on your first blogmas and congrats on your bundle of joy! We definitely don’t want that to happen, but it would’ve made a great post when you came back lol. Happy blogmas!! ♥

  4. This is my first Blogmas. I’m doing 25 posts. I started writing and preparing in the summer and have all my content written. I’m excited. I think it will be fun!

    • Congrats on your first blogmas! You started in the summer!? Wow! I need to take some tips from you and start that early lol. It definitely will be fun, especially with having everything prepared and not having to worry or stress about posts. Wishing you a successful blogmas!

  5. Also my first Blogmas and I made the crazy decision to post every day this month… so 31 posts! I’m going to stick with it because I made a commitment, but oh my gosh it’s a lot of work! Though I am pre-writing all of my posts so that helps, I only have the first 6 done, and I’m learning very quickly how overwhelming it is while being a mom and working full time. I love the only posting during the week idea, maybe I’ll have to remember that for next time! So glad I found your blog😊

    • Congrats on your first blogmas! You’re posting every day this month while being a mom AND working full time!? Whew! You might need a jug of coffee on the daily lol, but I believe that you can do it! That’s great that you’re prewriting your posts. It definitely helps to keep you on track with everything. I think only writing during the week is perfect because you get a breather, which I know is necessary especially being a full-time working mom. I’m so happy you found my blog as well and I’m wishing you much success for blogmas! ♥

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