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Blogger Recognition Award!

I’ve already been nominated for this award before, but why not do it again? It’s a fun little post for your Friday! Before, I dive in, I’d like to thank Chocoviv for nominating me. You guys should go check out her blog and show her love! I love this award because it shows recognition for all the amazing bloggers out there.


1.Thank the blogger(s) for nominating you and give the link to their blog!

2.Write a post on your site displaying the award that describes why you started your blog.

3.Write 2 pieces of advice you have for new bloggers.

4.Nominate (and notify!) more bloggers that they’re awesome.

My Answers

1. I already thanked her above, but again, thank you so much Chocoviv for nominating me!

2. I originally started my blog as something that I strictly wanted to use to showcase my poetry. Little did I know that it would turn into something so amazing and blogging would become something that I plan to do as my career.

3. I’ll try to not repeat myself, but even if I do, it’s always good to get a reminder. So the first piece of advice I’d give (and I know I keep saying this) is to stay true to who you are. It’s so easy to fall into trying to become the “typical” blogger with the dainty colors and aesthetics and topics that you may not necessarily be into. But you gotta stick with what you love and who you are, otherwise it won’t be fun anymore. Which takes me to advice #2….if you ever feel like it’s not fun anymore, then evaluate. Blogging should be something fun at the end of the day. If it ever not becomes fun to you anymore, then sit and evaluate…why isn’t it fun? Why am I still doing if it’s not fun? Have fun and be you are the two most important pieces of advice.

4. I nominate:







  1. Congratulation for the award!

    I agree on blogging is fun and you should just post what you love because if not, blogging would just be like a chore.

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