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Poem #4: “Untitled”

I laid my head on his shoulders with a sigh. He asked me “What’s on your mind?” I told him “Nothing and everything at the same time.” We both looked out into the golden sky as the sun ... READ the POST

The Friend Therapist Syndrome

Are you someone who your friends go to all the time? Whatever happens, you're the one who they can go to the most? Are you also the one who loves to help out those friends as well as anyone else? Do ... READ the POST

My Current Natural Hair Routine + Product Reviews!

Hey everyone, I'm back with another natural hair post. Last week I talked about my journey to loving my natural hair. This week I'm going to give you my basic hair routine for when it's wash day. Like ... READ the POST

Life Update For June 2018

As June has come to an end and July is here, here's a little update on my life and my plans for July. June hasn't really hit off like I thought and not much has gotten done, but for July I have a few ... READ the POST


You took a step closer and I inhaled deeply. I knew I was about to do something I shouldn’t. Suddenly our lips pressed against one another… Tongues intertwining. That taste…I know it all too ... READ the POST

Independence Day And Black People…What It Really Means

Sit back ladies and gents and grab your tea or coffee because this one will be a good one. This will also be a very controversial post but I will provide the short version of my opinion. Also before I ... READ the POST

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