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3 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day 2022

Happy Earth day! Earth day is the day where you celebrate the home that you and over a billion people live! Being the homeowners, we should be taking good care of this place we call home ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #45: Call Me The Task Juggler

Dear diary, I feel as if my name should have task juggler behind it because that's exactly what I do...juggle a thousand tasks. I think the craziest thing is having to do everything yourself when ... READ the POST

I Heart Spring Tag!

Although I'm not a fan of the bugs that begin to come out of their homes once spring approaches, I'm still a fan and lover of the season. The sun comes out and it's as if I'm coming alive once again! ... READ the POST

7 Ways To Destress Without Technology

De-stressTo relax after a period of work or tension. There are two things that a lot of humans seem to be addicted and working. Consequently, those same two things are what can ... READ the POST

Let’s Take A Look: My First Week As An E-commerce Shop Owner

Owning a business takes a lot of work and thinking through before you start. You have to be ready for all of the downs as well as the ups that are going to come with owning your own business. If ... READ the POST

15 Powerful Quotes For Productivity

Coming from the cold, wintery period that is winter, spring always seems to bring up the need to become more productive. I know that I can personally speak for myself that the springtime makes me, ... READ the POST

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