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5 Key Points For Your Journey To Self-Love

Say it with me loves...I am loving myself today! The journey to self-love is one many people are familiar with and one that many others are learning to become familiar with. Though not everyone's ... READ the POST

Let’s Talk: Stop Holding Your Tongue To Please Others

Growing up, I've always been someone who didn't really say much to others or speak my mind about things that I wasn't okay with. If I had to guess, I would say that it stems primarily from being the ... READ the POST

7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Black Woman

Though it's tomorrow, because I don't post on Saturday's, I want to go ahead and say...HAPPY JUNETEENTH! If you're not aware of what Juneteenth is, I have a blog post titled Juneteenth with the ... READ the POST

My 2021 Summer Bucket List

The sun is out and now so are vaccines, restrictions, and the tons of people who are ready to make up for a summer missed last year. I am not sure about you guys, but I definitely have a little ... READ the POST

4 Tips For Staying Motivated To Blog During The Summer

With summertime pretty much being here, it can be a little hard to feel motivated to blog when there's thoughts of having fun in the sun going on in your mind. The nice weather can make it really easy ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #36: A Difficult Journey

Dear Diary, I reached a new milestone this week by celebrating my blog anniversary and I'm so excited and proud of myself for making it this far with my blog. However, there's something that will ... READ the POST

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