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Diary Entry #62: Should I Keep Podcasting?

Dear diary, I have had something on my mind regarding my podcast, and I think it's time to evaluate this thought. First, I'd like to say that I absolutely love my podcast and I'm proud of myself ... READ the POST

June 2023 Monthly Update: Another Rough Month

With six months down of the year and six months to go, the pressure is on just a little bit to accomplish all of our goals and get things done. However, time is not up yet and there are still so many ... READ the POST

2023 Yearly Goals Check-In: It’s Time To Get On My Zoom!

As June comes to a close, it's important to realize that this year is vastly speeding through! We are halfway through the year and recently, I've started doing check-ins halfway through the year to ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #61: Am I Fading Into The Background?

Deary diary, Lately, I've been trying to figure out how to get back into my normal groove of things when it comes to content creation and consistency, but it's been pretty hard. Though summer just ... READ the POST

8 Ways To Celebrate Juneteenth

Today is Juneteenth, and although it's been something that black have celebrated, more and more people have acknowledged it as the years gone by. Now, it officially has the recognition it deserves and ... READ the POST

My Journey As A Blogger And What I’ve Learned: 5 Years Of The Black Princess Diaries

Do you know what (June 8th) was? OUR ANNIVERSARY! I have officially been blogging for five years now and it's a little hard to believe. It absolutely does not feel like it's been five years at all, ... READ the POST

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