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3 Potential Outfit Styles To Wear Christmas Day: Blogmas Day 21

Not to freak anyone out, but Christmas is vastly approaching! There are so many things to get together like gifts, food, and the decor (if you're a late decorator). with so many factors into play, ... READ the POST

How I’ve Grown Throughout 2021: Blogmas Day 20

Growth: The process of growing; Progressive development. (source) When I look back at this year, I try to process and think about exactly what this year has been. It's no question that 2020 was an ... READ the POST

18 Things I’m Grateful For In 2021: Blogmas Day 19

One thing that I've been trying to work on this year is practicing gratitude a lot more. I have even bought journals with sections that allow you to write something down you're grateful for daily. ... READ the POST

Gag Gifts To Give Your Friends For Christmas: Blogmas Day18

There is nothing like a friendship where you can have fun and prank each other. The holidays are a perfect time to have a little bit of fun because it's the season where everyone is sharing and giving ... READ the POST

6 Black Luxury Brands To Gift Yourself For Christmas: Blogmas Day 17

A wise person once said...treat yourself! With Christmas being right around the corner, the days are getting more and more hectic with trying to find gifts for everyone before it's too late. Christmas ... READ the POST

Podcasts That Are Good For Your Mental Health: Blogmas Day 16

Winter is almost here (or has been here depending on your location), which means months of cold weather and days that are turning into darkness earlier and earlier. A lot of people end up going ... READ the POST

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