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Book Review #1: The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace

Today is my very first and possibly long awaited book review! This book is one that I have read a few months ago, but one that has yet to leave my memory. The Princess Saves Herself In This One by ... READ the POST

How It Feels To Be A New Blogger + Tips I’m Learning

I started my blog just a little bit over a month now so I'm still very much so a newbie in the blogging community. I'm not sure what I expected or if I expected anything, but when I started this blog ... READ the POST

Must Try: Alcoholic Drinks For The Summer

Want to find some alcoholic drinks for you and your friends to enjoy during summer? Well I'm going to give you 5 drinks for the summer you should give a try! MOJITO'S     Ingrediants: 1 bunch ... READ the POST

How To Get Over An Ex

At some point or another, every one experiences a break up. Some are the ones doing the breaking up and others...well...they're the ones being broken up with. Some of us can move on pretty simply, but ... READ the POST

Poem #4: “Untitled”

I laid my head on his shoulders with a sigh. He asked me “What’s on your mind?” I told him “Nothing and everything at the same time.” We both looked out into the golden sky as the sun ... READ the POST

The Friend Therapist Syndrome

Are you someone who your friends go to all the time? Whatever happens, you're the one who they can go to the most? Are you also the one who loves to help out those friends as well as anyone else? Do ... READ the POST

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