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Black Woman Against Black Woman…Why Do We Do It?

Ok, so tell me…what’s the difference between these two women below? Besides them, of course, both being their own person.


I just see two successful women, yet the media likes to pin women again women. Even BET had made a very rude tweet stating that Cardi B’s Grammy win had Nicki Minaj dragged by her lacefront. Women are always pinned against each other…but I feel especially black women.

It’s not just these two artists either. I’ve also seen people pin Beyonce and Rihanna against each other over these Vogue cover photo’s pictured below. Do you know why? Ready for this….over their flower crowns. Crazy right?? Why can’t it just be two beautiful black women succeeding and rocking their crowns?


And clearly, it’s not just with celebrities either. Black women are compared and put against each other all the time. For example, maybe saying a black woman who’s hourglass shaped, oiled up, and in a bikini looks better than a black woman with more body and just in regular clothes. Or maybe saying a black woman wearing her natural hair is much better than a “sellout” wearing wigs and weaves. It’s done all the time and it should stop.

Black women are AMAZING. No matter what career, hairstyle, body type, etc. We all have something unique about us and it shouldn’t be a competition or comparison. There’s room for every type of black woman. I don’t know why people do it. Everyone has their own reasoning, but at the end of the day, we need to stop comparing each other, and start accepting each other.

       How do you feel about this subject? Comment below!


  1. Unfortunately many black woman are pitted against one another and it happens in my opinion a lot more than other races. It’s also my opinion that “success” is few and far between when it comes to women of color so it immediately turns into a competition rather than I’m rooting for us all.

  2. This has been going on for a while now. Even starting way back to my childhood me and me sister or me and my cousin would be compared to each other and honestly it creates this mind frame that Hey! I have to be better than she or she’s jealous of me. Outside sources will really make you belive that competition has to exist between women, especially black women. It’s sad and I thank God for growth and understanding that I have my own mind.

  3. The thing is, with the media, there’s only ever space for one black woman at the top. And this is indicative of the socoety we live in. “Oh, I can’t hire you at the moment, we already have a black employee. ” 👈 Ever heard that? It happens a lot. The media does the exact same thing. Only one female rapper can exist at a time. So black female rappers not only have to make do with the restrictions placed upon them due to their gender, they also have to make do with racist and restrictions. Black women, in general, have to deal with this shit all the time and I for one am so done with it.

    Yvonne |

  4. I am thankful I care across this post because it is so true. Granted they did have their issues with one another. But there’s always so much attention on when black women aren’t getting along. I do believe this is a issue. I believe black women need to start sticking together and forming a sisterhood. Not even just celebrities just in general like you said . We should be fighting together to get to the top . But we are taught to bring each other down and we need to change that cycle .

  5. It’s really sad that we have allowed society to compare us instead of embracing our differences, the sad reality is the public love a bit of competition and rivalry and that’s what makes the money in the media. Really shouldn’t be happening 😩😩

  6. Women should be empowering each other not competing against each other. I think this is such a shame. Nicki and Cardi are both such strong women and if they worked together they’d be able to do really great things. Empowerment not rivalry.

  7. Black women are the .

    I love to see other black women succeed! A simply compliment or small talk with another women is a simple gesture that could honestly mean so much. You never know what people are going through. The time is now for us to get together…hell let’s shine together!

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