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Birthday Outfits For Plus Sized Women

It’s my birthday month! Not only is it my birthday month, but my birthday is in 5 days! I can’t believe that in 5 days I’ll be 24…omg! I’m having a birthday celebration and have no idea what to wear, so I decided to share some past outfit ideas of mine to give myself inspiration and to maybe give some of my plus size ladies out there inspiration as well. These outfits don’t just have to be for your birthday, but other events as well. So, when you see these outfits, you may think I’m crazy because it’s winter, but you’re able to customize these outfits and add layers if you’d like if you plan on wearing these during the winter.

Outfit #1


I wore this first outfit, I believe, on my 22nd birthday. I know what you’re thinking and yes, yes I did wear the outfit just like this with nothing covering my legs. Was I a bit…but I got over that short walk inside the building. The top I’m wearing is a bodysuit that’s mesh with black fabric that goes across the breast area. I still have this bodysuit and I’m still just as much in love with it. I have no idea where it’s from, but you can easily google and find something similar to it.

The skirt I’m wearing is a black leather pleated skirt that I got from Ebay and I’m just wearing some black wedges that, unfortunately, don’t remember where I got from. But again, black wedges are very easy to find.

Outfit #2


Can you say Dominatrix!? Because that’s exactly how I felt in this outfit! This is honestly my #1 favorite outfit. I wore this outfit on my 21st birthday. I was all leathered out. Some people said this looks like a dress, but it’s actually two separate pieces that I put together. Both the top and bottom are from Ebay. The skirt is the same one from the previous photo. The necklace that I’m wearing is from Charlotte Russe, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have it anymore. For anyone inquiring, I got the 21st birthday sash from Spencers.

Outfit #3


Outfit 3 is actually another outfit I wore for my 21st, but I wore it when I went out the night before. This is such a gorgeous burgundy high-low dress. I believe I got the dress from a website called It’s such a beautiful dress and deserved to be worn elsewhere besides a dark club (but I digress). I matched this dress with a really cute black necklace that I got from Charlotte russe as well, and some black heels that again, I got from Charlotte Russe. I’m sure you can see where I like to buy a lot of my items from.

Outfit #4


This last outfit is the outfit that I wore on my 23rd birthday. It is honestly another fave of mine! It’s a black strapless dress that fades into rose gold at the bottom. The inside has a little chrome or tool to make it come out a little more almost like a princess dress. You can’t see it, but I just paired it with a black choker. I’m also wearing rose gold earrings and a rose gold tiara. I got both from…you guessed it…Charlotte Russe.

I hope you ladies love these outfits as much as I do/did and I hope they were able to give you some inspiration as well for your night out!


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