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Birthday Ideas For 25!

My 25th birthday is coming up in 3 weeks omg! Is it time for me to have my midlife crisis yet!? I definitely feel it’s time.

Anywho, for all of us who are turning 25 like me, we can’t stop it even if we wanted to. So what’s the next best solution? Party! Might as well have some fun first….and then we can wallow in our super early midlife crisis mode (lol). With that being said, here are some ideas that you can use if you have no idea what to do for your 25th birthday!


1. Lingerie Party

I had to put this first because this is what I’m actually going to do for my birthday! It’s something different than what I’ve done before and perfect if you want something on the more grown and sexy side. 25 is usually seen as the age where you’re fully an adult( please note this is just a standard by society). Your frontal lobe is fully developed and according to society, you should really have things together. Even if this isn’t true for you, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel grown, sexy, and have some fun with a lingerie party!

2. Go On A Trip

Celebrate hitting this milestone by going out of the country! You can go by yourself or make it a group trip and go with some friends. If you’re someone who travels often, try going somewhere you’ve never been before. Have some fun exploring for your birthday!

3. Get A Luxury Cabin

My original plan was going to be to have a lingerie party in a luxury cabin, however, I’m terrible with procrastinating and that’s something you don’t want to procrastinate with planning. I may not have been able to party in a cabin for my 25th, but you can! Get the most luxurious cabin you can afford and throw a party! If you don’t want to throw a party, then just have a relaxing cabin weekend with some friends.

4. Have A Photo Shoot

Maybe you’re not big on celebrating birthdays, but you want to do SOMETHING. You can have a fancy birthday shoot for your 25th. Go all out with a photographer and a nice location and take photos you’ll want to keep for the rest of your life.

5. Go To A Club/Bar

I know you’re turning 25 and not 21, but there are some clubs that are 25 and up. Those are the GROWN clubs and you’ll be old enough for access so why not? Check it out and have some fun on the dance floor.

6. Go To Disneyland

You can do the opposite of grown and sexy and relive your inner child by going to Disneyland! I won’t lie to you guys, this sounds a lot more fun. If you’re a Disney fanatic, then that’s right up your alley. It’s especially perfect if you’ve never been. Spend your 25th riding rides, stuffing your face with theme park food, and taking photos with Mickey and Minnie!

7. Throw A 90’s Party

If you’re turning 25 this year then that means you were born in the 90’s (1995 to be exact). Why not do a throwback and have a 90’s party!? You can go all out from the clothing, to the music, to even getting some old VHS tapes (anyone misses blockbuster?). This is something you can go crazy and get creative with. I might even try this for my next birthday!

8. 25 Acts Of Kindness

Another thing you can do that’s more on the thoughtful and giving side is performing 25 acts of kindness. We all could practice being more kind and doing something for others than for ourselves. I think performing 25 acts of kindness will not only be good for the ones you’re helping, but it’ll make you feel good as well. Maybe throughout your birthday month, you can perform kind acts. Some ideas could be volunteering, donating to different organizations, or even paying it forward and paying for the person behind you at a drive thru.

9. Take 25 Shots

I’m not a shot person whatsoever, but if you are then this might be just up your alley. You can begin your birthday at the stroke of midnight with 25 shots (hopefully you took off of work).

10. Take Advantage Of Free Food

If you didn’t know, your birthday month is the best time for free stuff…especially food! Restaurants have birthday deals if you sign up for a membership where you get something free. An example is Red Robin where you can get a free burger. There are also nonrestaurant related places that do this as well. For example, if you’re a movie lover, you can get a free large popcorn with an insider account. What tastes better than free?

Are you turning 25 this year? Let me know how you plan on celebrating!


  1. These are fantastic ideas! I’ve never really celebrated my birthday but next month I’m 30! And I’ve been thinking of doing something. Thanks for these ideas!

  2. These are great ideas. I’ve always wanted to do a professional shoot for my birthday! And I’ve thrown a 70’s party ages ago- that was fun. But I haven’t done a 90’s event though… hmm giving me ideas lol thank you for inspiring me!

  3. These are all incredible ideas sis! You are never too old for Disney World, it’s such a “feel good” place, I don’t anyone who doesn’t enjoy it! My favorite two ideas are the lingerie party and the 90’s theme. Lingerie makes you feel sexy and liberated! What better way to celebrate your birthday right? <3 The 90's idea is genius! I'm a 90's kid and that time period never gets old for me, might need to borrow that theme <3 lol!

    Natonya |

    • thanks girl! And borrow away! I might need to do the 90’s theme for the next birthday myself! lol. And I love Disney World! I just hope I get to go back there. I havent been since I was maybe 10 or younger. Thanks for reading ♥


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