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Bet You Didn’t Know: Randon Facts About Me Tag

Before I begin, I have to shout out the creator of the tag Jenni. She’s an amazing blogger and has a great personality, so you guys should check her out! I wasn’t tagged to do this post, but I saw this on Bri’s page and decided why not!? You guys should read hers as well! Alright, now let’s get into it!

Bet You Didn’t Know

1. I feel like I seem really positive through my blog and social media’s, but I actually struggle a lot with positivity. Even though I try to fight it, sometimes I just want to give up, but I love to keep others positive with whatever they’re going through and I try my best to help even when I can’t help myself.

2. I love to sing and dance. I’m always singing or humming at some point in my day. I also love to randomly make up dance routines(that I forget almost instantly) when I’m listening to music, but I never let anyone see me do them.

3. I’m afraid of flying and I’m afraid to go on boats, ships, etc.

4. I sometimes want to chase the moon. It looks so beautiful, I just wish I could grab someone or a few friends and we could just go follow the moon.

5. I don’t want to get married.

6. I hate to be on camera. I don’t like to be recorded at all…not even on Snapchat.

7. I love to collect coffee mugs, candles (specifically Bath and Body Works candles), and books.

Rules Recap

1. Share 7 facts about yourself that aren’t super present in your blog.

2. Tag 7 bloggers you adore.

3. Shoutout back to me, so I can I read and get to know everyone more too.

I Tag

1. Sunflowerlyfestyle

2. WelshWanderer

3.  TheLyfeofShawn

4. Chocoviv

5. Amanda

6. Lydia

7. Jenna


  1. Ahh I love this girl, I absolutely will chase the moon with you! So so happy you decided to let us all know some interesting facts about you!!
    So .. you don’t even like the snap filters?.. lol
    Great post girlie! xo bri

  2. This is such a fun tag! And I’m like you, I hate to be on camera. I especially hate to hear my voice recorded as well. I always hear my voice as a lot lower than it is, so hearing it so high on a video is so cringy, I hate it! And I feel that same way about being positive with others versus myself. It’s so much easier to be positive towards others, but not yourself, even if you don’t outwardly show it.

    Emily |

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