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Being Plus Sized In The Gym

I’ve just started trying to workout more and I’m trying my best to stay consistent. I can for sure say I’m not new to stepping in the gym because I’ve had quite a few times that I’ve started my journey over now (but who’s counting?). One thing I can say about stepping into the gym that never changes, is the feeling of being someone who’s plus sized in the gym.

I know this doesn’t apply to all of my plus sized ladies or fellas, and it even maybe apply to others who aren’t plus sized, but for now I’m speaking as a plus sized person who sometimes feels a little uncomfortable. I know some of you know what I’m talking about. You step into the gym and you feel like everyone is staring at you like you don’t belong, which to me is crazy because there’s so many “doctors” out there telling us we need to go to the gym. If that’s true, then why make fun of someone you see trying to better themselves?

A lot of it’s in the brain, but I’ve also seen videos and pictures on social media that people have taken making fun of how a bigger person looks on a workout machine. For what? They’re doing a lot more than you are sitting there wasting time talking about someone trying to better themselves. Now you’re the one who looks like garbage.

Another feeling I know I get when I’m in the gym is the feeling like I have something to prove. Like I automatically know that when people see someone my size, they expect me not to do much or to be super slow or just confused on how to use anything as if the gym is foreign to me. Again, also thoughts that are a lot of times all in the brain. This makes me feel like I have to automatically go as hard as I can when doing cardio or go to the highest weight when on the weight machines just to prove a point. But who am I proving a point to exactly? No one came to me saying “You can’t do this or that”.

It’s all in the brain and the atmosphere. It’s the feeling of being the only one my size in a space filled with people who are smaller/skinny/more fit like everyone expects me to fail when in actuality people are minding their business.

There are some plus sized people out there who might really want to start going to the gym but are scared of what they’ll look like working out or just being judged. You know what you’ll look like? You’ll look like someone who’s trying to do better for yourself and your body. You’ll look like someone who’s ready to kick ass and take names no matter what level, speed, or weight you’re at.

Although thoughts of being judged comes through my mind and I often feel like I’m competing, I’ve also learned to just blast my music, go into a different space, and get shit done. If I can do it, I know you can too. I believe in you.

What are your thoughts about going to the gym? Have you ever felt judged or like you were competing?


  1. Exactly, you are very correct, you try to keep fit but people make you feel so uncomfortable with it, they make it seem like the world is only meant or created for skinny and fit people.. you don’t work out they complain, you try to work out they laugh.. I think plus sized people should start fighting for their (our) freedom.. the question is how?

    • you fight by just living every day. Go to the gym and wear that cropped sports top while you’re at it, wear those shorts, stuff your face if you want. People are going to talk regardless. You fight for your freedom by giving it to yourself and no longer trapping yourself in societies standards. I’m still working on that myself…I think a lot of us all are.

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