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Being Motivationless In A World Of Motivation

I kind of wanted to hit on the subject of not having enough motivation despite all the motivation that’s around you. This is a topic that’s not only been something that I’ve struggled with, but something I’m still struggling with currently.

It took me time to figure out what I really wanted to talk about, but then I realized this is an important subject for some people. A few days ago, I was at work and one of the managers let me off early when I’ve only worked about 3hrs or so versus the 5hrs I was supposed to work. Prior to that, I haven’t been working many hours at all this past week, so in hindsight, I should’ve just offered to stay to get that extra money but I was glad to go regardless. I told my friend that I was sent home early and how happy I was, but she couldn’t understand why when that means less money. I know some of you workaholics and money moguls might be thinking the same thing. Well, I’ve discussed not being the happiest currently in my work establishment, which doesn’t help with getting the motivation to actually put in more time to make more money. Crazy right!?

Ok, so let me explain more what it means for me to be motivationless in a world of motivation. For many years, I’ve struggled with motivation, specifically with losing weight. When I say a world full of motivation, I don’t even necessarily mean the world, but just my own space alone. I have so many clothes in my closet that I can’t fit, I get motivational books, I buy new workout items, and also there’s the fact that my health is an important factor too. Yet, none of this seems to ever be enough for me to get motivated to either start right away or continue on once I have finally started. This goes along with reading and many other things including work.

Being motivationless is something that I can’t 100% explain, but when I tried to explain it to my friend, I described it as (in the short version) not having the will, energy, or motivation to do something regardless of its importance or need. For example, my friend was confused because I should’ve stayed at work instead of going home so I can get more money for my check. In hindsight, I should be motivated enough to do so because I have so many things (big things I might add) that I need to save up money for, but I’m not. Part of me wants to say that there could be some depressiveness involved, which could be true, but at the same time, I don’t want to say that when I haven’t been diagnosed.

It’s a true struggle when no one can understand why you don’t do this or that, or why the biggest motivational speech (one that could even be of your own standards) doesn’t even work for you. I buy motivational books, but I don’t even have the will or motivation myself to even read the motivational books. I never even stopped to think…would they even work? I hope that I’m able to figure this all out because it’s not fun and it can hold you back sometimes from really accomplishing things that you want to do.

Is there anyone that struggles with this like I do? Please leave a comment below and let me know how do you get through it!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Yes! I’ve experienced lack of motivation. Especially in the depths of my depression. I had just enough motivation to go to work. Anything else was asking for too much. Dinner plans? Forget it! Extra hours at work? No thank you! Even shopping? Nope-can’t fit in anything anyway! With the help of therapy and the support of family and PRAYER I was able to climb out of my depression. Once I was less depressed the motivation came back-one day at a time.

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