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Being Black In The LGBTQA+ Community: De’Shilee’s Story

Pride month may be ending, but the lives of people in the LGBTQA+ community keeps moving on. I wanted to do something a bit special to end the month. I may not know how it truly feels to be in the community, but being black, I know what it feels to be in a minority group. No one knows what it’s like more than someone who is not only in the community, but also is in the community and black. With that being said, I wanted those voices to be heard.

I asked for a few black people in the LGBTQA+ community to share their stories. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get everyone’s stories, but I did get one story for you guys.

De’Shilee is a black woman who graciously decided to share her story about her experience in the LGBTQA+ community. Please read her story below and see what it has been like for her being black in the community.


What is my experience being black and bisexual? I wish it was something like you see on social media – A great coming out story, parents who accepted it right away and surrounded by friends who didn’t care; but that’s not my story. I came out to my parents in my early 20s at such a late age in my eyes because like most I was afraid of what people would say. I constantly have seen or heard that if you are bisexual you have to be confused or “you want your cake and eat it too” whatever that means. Why can’t this just be me, that I like females the same way I like men. Because of this misconception, I’ve never fully felt embraced by my peers of the LGBTQIA+ community. I have never attended a pride event because I don’t feel I belong. I don’t talk much about my sexual orientation because I feel I was born almost with a triple edge sword – I’m black, a woman, and I’m bisexual. I have to ask to be accepted as an equal for all 3 of those things. As I get older I make it more known because I know someone else can benefit from this, I’ve gone through this for a reason. So I said aloud, hello my name is De’Shilee and I’m proud to be bisexual.

Thank you so much to De’Shilee for sharing her experience. If you’d like to keep up with her, be sure to check out her blog and follow her on all her socials!

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  1. Thank you so much again for helping me share with the world! I hope my experience helps someone else. Whether black, in the community or an ally 🌈

    • Thank you so much again for sharing. I really appreciate you sharing your story to the world ♥

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