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Being A Christian And Supporter Of The LGBTQ Community

This will be my last post for pride month you guys. I saved the best for last and for sure probably the most controversial.

Being a christian and being a supporter can be somewhat difficult if you have an extremely religious family as far as voicing how you feel. You learn very quickly that your thoughts might not be accepted very well.

Here’s where I stand with the issue. Yes, I’m aware that homosexuality may not be accepted in the bible, but neither is showing hate towards others. We should love one another right? So why such dirty treatment towards the community? We all want to love our neighbors until we don’t. You don’t get to judge what’s right and what’s wrong and I’m sure some who read this are cursing me to hell at this very moment. Luckily, you’re not the ones who can actually send me to hell. I’m not telling anyone to change their views, I’m just saying don’t threaten to do harmful acts to someone who likes the same sex as if what you just professed is going to put you at the top to get into the heavenly gates. As Christians we have to do better with how we treat others no matter how different their beliefs are from ours. I will always say I’m a proud Christian who supports the LGBTQ community and all I ask is for others to just be kind whether you’re a supporter or not. “Christian” families throw their kids out or submerge them into harsh treatment because of their preferences and it’s not right.

Please note and keep in mind that this is just my opinion and how I am personally, so don’t jump down my throat because I’m my own person.

Thanks in advance- management



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