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Barely Here.

I’m so drained.


Emptied out of whatever my soul had left to give.

Forced to walk around in society and communicate with those around me

Yet, I feel barely here. 

Feeling like nothing more than a spec on this earth

A piece of dust waiting to be swept up from the ground. 

Pick up the stethoscope and tell me what do you hear?

Nothing but thoughts of failures and raindrops of what will soon be tears. 

On the outside, for some, I look like I’m trying and for others, doing nothing to even compare.

On the inside…I don’t feel like I’m either.

I just feel….barely here. 


  1. Too many people can relate to these sentiments and this is why completely annihilating the stigma of mental health issues is mandatory. Together, we are much stronger and less inclined to be dismissed. 🙏🏾

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