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Bad Ass Women And Their Accomplishments Pt. 2

Women’s History Month is coming to a close, but before it ends, I want to do one more post giving recognition to some more badass women. Again, there’s a lot more than where these women came from, but I’m just shining a light on just a few of them.

Annie Lumpkin. One of the brave souls also known as the Freedom Riders who went to annie-lumpkinsbattle segregation in the south. Their goal was to desegregate public transportation. In the photo, Annie is just 18 years old getting ready to fight for justice. I was never as badass as she is at just 18 and that deserves acknowledgment.

Jeanne Manford. Being an activist in the LGBT community, Jeanne founded the Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) organization. What motivated her the most, like most mothers, was her child. Her gay son was beaten while trying to hand out flyers and being the badass mom that she is, she wasn’t just going to stand for it. jeanneThroughout her life she continued her activism and received a medal for her contributions to the community. She recently passed in 2013. A badass many probably never knew, but will now never forget.

Simone Segouin. Another woman who started her badassery at a young age, was just 18 when capturing 25 Nazis. She was a French resistance fighter which involved risky Simone-Segouinmissions like blowing up bridges and derailing trains. Even better, she’s still alive to tell the tale of all her badass missions.

Jeannine Smith Clark. Clark has spent a large part of her life with the Smithsonian Institute. She was the first chair of the Cultural Education Committee that aimed to bring diversity and inclusiveness to the Smithsonian. She also became a member of the Jeannine-Smith-ClarkAmerican Human Rights Council and was highly involved in the civil rights movement while attending Howard University. A badass with brains…what could be better?

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson. This badass woman helped paved the way for other badass female physicians in England. England universities wouldn’t let her receive her MD, so she went to France where she studied medicine. She later became Englands first Elizabeth_Garrett_Andersonfemale physician. The badassery continued when she helped instate a parliamentary act that formally allowed women to become physicians AND she went to become Britians first female mayor and magistrate.

Did you know about any of these women? Women’s History Month may be closing, but don’t forget to look up the accomplishments women have made over the years. That you can do at any month!


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