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August Monthly Update 2020: I’m Terrible At Numbers

If you saw the title from the July monthly update and you see this one, then I don’t think you have to guess how this one went, but let me pace myself.

If you’re tired of hearing me say how much time is flying, then I apologize, but TIME IS FLYING! I feel like August zoomed by…but is that a good thing? 2020 has definitely not been a year we all want to cherish and hold dear. I’m just trying to ride this crazy wave and pray to dodge all the bullets and curveballs being thrown. With that being said, let’s get into the goals I made for August and what I did (and mostly didn’t) accomplish.

1,100 followers on Instagram. I may not focus too much on stats or make numeric type of goals, but I was pretty proud when I made this goal. Granted, I wasn’t too far away from the get go, but still. With how up and down Instagram when it comes to followers coming and going, It’s still shocking. I’m so grateful for each and every supporter!

Have my consultation service started. If you read Monday’s blog post or follow me on social media, then you know already that I accomplished this goal! I’m so proud of myself and just love being able to help make others blogging journey a little bit easier. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, then give Monday’s blog post a read.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even accomplish drinking 1 Gallon of water every day. Why is drinking water so hard sometimes? You’d think it wouldn’t be. I will say, making goals based off of numbers shows me two things: 1. My reason is valid for not paying much attention to the stats often and 2. I need to work harder. I will say, though, that I think on the occasion I’ll mix a few number based goals in, just to make sure I stay on my toes.

Now on to my goals for September!


♥1k visitors

♥ 300 podcast plays

♥revise old posts


♥develop a consistent morning routine going

♥Read/educate myself more

♥1 Gallon of water every day (yes I’m trying this again)

What are your goals for September? I’d love to read some in the comments!


    • That sounds really interesting! I know you’ll get it accomplished. We’re going to kill it this month! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  1. Solid goal on the water intake but I find it so hard because water’s so gross 😅 I’m loving these numbers for you, though – congratulations! My biggest goal is to get back into my site after a 6 month hiatus

    • Lol it really is, but when I’m super thirsty it tastes like the best thing ever lol. Thank you! If you need help with starting again, you can click the link provided in my post and schedule a consultation with me!

  2. August seriously did pass by so dang quick!!
    Congrats on 1k follows!!

    Wow 1gallon??? Im gonna have to buy a whole jug so i know exactly if im drinking a gallon. Thats a ton but its important to drink a lot. Might have to add that to my sept goals hehe good luck!!

    • It really did! Like I can’t believe it. Thank you so much love ♥. And I know right! I have a water jug. I don’t think it’s 1gal, but it’s pretty big. I would probably need to drink two of them to end up drinking a gallon. I think you should definitely add it to your Sept goals. Let’s hold each other accountable! Good luck to you as well ♥

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