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August Life Update 2018!

We are now in the month of September, which means time is going by way too fast in the year. But, it also means that it’s time to look back at August and see what I did (or didn’t) accomplish!

So let’s recap on the goals I made for August.

august goals2018 for blog

Sad to say, I think over half of these goals were not even started in August. I was able, however to think of more topics for my blog and I’m slowly working on connecting with more blogs. It’s just hard sometimes being the introvert that I am. Can anyone else relate? I started back school in August as well, and if you want to read about that then you can check out that post right here. Because of this, I’ve been very busy and haven’t had the chance to work on my poetry. I hate that this is the case because poetry is something that I love more than anything and I really want to finish my poetry book, but just like other things I love, I have to make the time for it.

Some things I may not have started or accomplished in August, but I did begin them this month. I started job searching, I’m listening to podcasts sometimes when I’m driving to school(when I find solid podcasts I like I’ll make a post with suggestions), and I’m starting to get into meal prepping and I can go to the gym at school now(once I develop a decent routine I can make a post for you guys). Also, in relation to working out, I know I made a post about the 100 day workout challenge(you can read about that here) but things have gone to a halt. I’m not the best at sticking with things, but I really want to try again with it. So keep a look out for an update on that once it happens!

Now that I’ve recapped on August, let’s see what’s to look forward to for the month of September!

Goals For September

♦Make time for my poetry book

♦Develop a consistent workout plan and attempt to keep it going                                                 with meal planning

♦Learn time management when it comes to my classes and studying

♦Make a resume and apply to more jobs/get some interviews

♦Practice going to bed at a decent time and waking up early to do                                               devotions before school

♦Work on purchasing my domain

Did you accomplish your goals for August? What are some of your goals for September?Don’t forget to follow and subscribe so you won’t miss the next update!

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