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August 2022 Monthly Update: A Summer Wasted

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end, and I feel that it was wasted. I’m not sure about others out there, but the majority of my summer was spent inside (yet again). On top of that, each month was not so successful on the goals side of things.

Summer is not only my favorite season, but it’s also the time that I feel the most productive. With that being said, I may have to work a little bit harder to feel productive as those early fall nights slowly begin to rise, but I will still do my best to not make fall a waste. Now, let’s see how I’m ending the summer!

Continue working on a slow morning routine. I have been trying my best to work on getting back into the morning routine that I started to develop, but it’s been a bit challenging. However, I did begin working on it last month and succeeded in continuing that this month. I had more days where I didn’t necessarily succeed than where I did, but I’m proud that I still decided to keep trying.

Unfortunately, that’s all for the month of August, but there’s always September! Let’s see what new goals I have planned.

  • Plan out photoshoot
  • Get back into my social media groove
  • Update my media kit
  • Workout at least 3x/week
  • Continue working on morning routine
  • Do Sunday self check-ins

How was your summer? Do you have any goals for September? Let me know in the comments!

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