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Are Plus Sized Mannequins Selling A Lie?

I’m not 100% sure if I mentioned this in a blog post (congrats on having the worst memory on the planet) but I have a podcast now. If I didn’t mention it on the blog then…SURPRISE! It can be found on Spotify and Sunday on the podcast, I discussed the controversy of the plus sized mannequin that Nike released. I also discussed the opinion of one journalist who wrote the most absurd things in her article. Even though I did discuss it on my podcast, I feel like I should also say a little something here about it as well.

If you haven’t seen what the mannequin looks like, then a picture will be posted below here:

nike mann.jpg

I’ll say what I said on my podcast, I love the stance of the mannequin! It just screams fabulous and strong in my opinion. Alright, so clearly this isn’t the first plus-sized mannequin in existence, right?Β  Of course not, but I feel for Nike to make plus-sized mannequins for their clothing is a big step. Obviously, you should automatically think it’s a big step towards something amazing. I mean, this is a step towards representation. A step towards the world kind of going “hey, look plus size people are out here and they’re not all lazy!” Because God forbid your size not defying the type of person you are or your capabilities. So everyone agrees that there’s nothing wrong at all with this mannequin right?

Oh boy, do I wish.

People always find bad in something and this is definitely not going to be any different. I’m not going to go into a huge spill about the backlash and everything, because I did on my podcast, but I will shout out the journalist Tanya Gold for writing a very ignorant article. In short, she basically assumes that she (referring to the mannequin) doesn’t run, has these different health problems, and is….as she stated in her title….selling a lie. In other words, complete bullsh*t. Like I said, if you want to hear more about my opinion then please check out my podcast titled “Thank You Nike“. You can also read the article she wrote if you’d like to see the things that she says.

Plus-sized mannequins never sold a lie and never will sell a lie. It’s just a slap to all the fat shamers in the world to wake the hell up. We are here. We are strong. We can do more and deal with more than you will ever know. We CAN run and will knock you down if you get in our way.

Accept the plump or get knocked down on your rump!



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