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April 2024 Monthly Update: Let The Climb Begin

April showers have happened and now it’s time for the May flowers! Spring has been in full effect for over a month and the summer is on it’s way soon. With time going by so fast, there’s no time to waste when it comes to getting things done.

There is so much to do with such little time, but before quickly moving into May, let’s take a look back at the goals I’ve accomplished in April!

Take 1-2 photoshoots. If you follow me on Instagram then you’re already aware of the new photos I’ve dropped. I’m glad I finally took more photos, however, I only did one photoshoot. I wanted to aim for two, but this just means I have to push to accomplish this goal this month!

Post at least 2-3 reels this month. I’m so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal! As someone who doesn’t like to be recorded or do videos, this took a lot from me, but I got it done! Videos take so much more work than photos in general and editing wise, but I hope to continue on this path as I work on growing my Instagram.

Leave the house at least 3x this month. I’m working so hard to continue getting out more and I’m making a conscious effort to have this goal checked off my list. I might even make this a continuous goal each month until leaving the house becomes a normal act again as it was before the pandemic. I’d also to work on the places I’m venturing out to.

I believe that this month was a pretty successful one. Though I didn’t accomplish half of my goals list, I also did accomplish half as well. Even if it’s just one more goal than I did in April, I hope to accomplish more this month. Now let’s look at my goals for May!

  • 2 photoshoots
  • Post 3 reels on blog Instagram
  • Start posting again on podcast Instagram
  • Update media kit
  • Leave the house 3x this month
  • Workout at least 2x a week
  • Bible study at least 2x a week

I’ve discussed being in rock bottom before on my blog, but this is the era of climbing out. On a positive note, I know it’ll happen at some point, but I have to be realistic and say that I don’t know when it will happen or that it will be a constant positive journey. However, the climb begins now!

What are your goals for May? Are you on your own journey of climbing out of rock bottom? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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