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April 2021 Monthly Update: Let’s Bring it Back

You know the saying that goes “April showers bring May flowers”? Well, April had certainly brought a bunch of showers and plenty of dark clouds my way! If you read Diary Entry #34: A Rough Time, then you know all about how April has gone for me. I’m not sure what happened, but I was extremely off of my game and not feeling the best about anything. I had plenty of late nights just trying to play catch up and I didn’t really accomplish much. Overall, I think I need a redo and we need to try this again this month…starting with these goals!

As much as I would like to get into what goals I’ve accomplished in April…I can’t. I can’t because I didn’t accomplish any of the goals that I set. It also doesn’t mean that nothing good has happened at all. I have something coming out soon that I was asked to do, and if you’re signed up for my newsletter, then you’ll be one of the first ones to hear the good news! Because I didn’t accomplish anything, I decided that I need a redo and I’m making last month’s goals the same for this month.

So, here’s a reminder of the goals I had last month and what those same goals also will be for this month!

I’m hoping that as true as it was about the April showers, it will also become true about the May flowers and that there are good things coming ahead. I believe that this month will be different! If April was a struggle for you also and you didn’t accomplish your goals…START OVER! There’s nothing wrong with hitting the reset button and starting again. We all have our off moments, days, months, and even years! Take a deep breath, make a plan, and get back to it!

What goal do you have for May? Share them with me in the comments!


  1. My Goals for this month are the same as last month as well. I didn’t feel very productive in April 🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Share more on my story
    2. Wake up at 5am
    3. Take more pictures
    4. Self care (me time)
    5. Not skip any workouts

    • Wake up at 5am? Whew, I’m struggling just working on getting up at 6am lol! But we got this! This month will be better for the both of us for sure 🙌🏾

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