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Announcement: New Fall Freebies Have Arrived!

New freebie wallpapers are here! Get your phone and computer ready for ultimate cuteness!

I do have to update you guys on how things will be done now when it comes to freebies. In the past, I was doing monthly freebies. That was a little too much for me to keep up with. It can be a lot, so I decided I was just going to make a set of wallpapers you can use all year round and maybe switch them out occasionally. As time went on, I realized how much I love making the freebies. It’s the reason why I started doing them in the first place. This led me to do a poll on Twitter.

In the poll, I asked if you guys would like monthly freebies or seasonal freebies. Of course, monthly freebies won (not surprised at all). Despite it winning, I just did not think I could keep up with monthly freebies anymore, so I came up with a solution…

Seasonal freebies with monthly calendars included!

I’m going to have wallpapers for the season, and also include calendar wallpapers for the months that are in those seasons. This way, you guys still get your monthly freebies basically, and I don’t have to keep up with them as often.

If you’d like to download them, then you can check the freebies out here.


  1. These wallpapers are so lovely! And I am loving your blog. Yeah, monthly freebies does sound ambitious. But seasonal goodies are just as fabulous. Keep up the beautiful work!

    • I apologize for just seeing this, but thank you! It definitely took a lot out of me having something to keep up with so often, but now I can have even more time to put into them which could also mean I can add more on as well! If you decide to use them, I would love to see ♥

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