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America, Mind Ya Damn Business.

Recently, a bill was passed in my state that was basically against abortion. So pretty much it’s illegal to get an abortion and there could be possible jail time or even the death sentence(?). I put a question mark in parenthesis because I don’t fully know what this bill entails, but I do know it makes it harder for women to get abortions. And it’s crazy that there are other states where this bill has been passed.

Listen, I’m no political person or anything like that, but I do know when something is a bad idea and also, I’m aware that America hates to mind their own business. This especially includes certain people who I won’t say (because we’re not about drama here at The Black Princess Diaries mkay). This doesn’t just go for abortion either. There are so many things that don’t affect anyone but the person doing it, yet everyone else wants to voice their opinion with their microphone mouths. People speak as if they were there and as if they felt whatever the other person felt as if they did it.

They weren’t there when the action was being done that got the woman pregnant. They weren’t there when she had to make the decision to get the abortion, nor felt the tears she shed, nor felt what she felt when the abortion was being done and after it was done. These people are hollering over other people’s lives that they don’t even know exist, yet you don’t see them making their way to go adopt all of the children that need homes.

America, mind ya damn business.

Because if you don’t, then all the microphone mouths are going to end up with exactly what they want…bills and laws that control their freedom. And it’ll be fine when the laws fit their views and worked with them, but what about when these laws start to work against them?

So again….mind ya business America. Trust me, it’s healthier for you.


  1. 100% agree. Policing women’s bodies is not the move. At 6 weeks, many women don’t even know that they are pregnant. This is a very scary bill and one that does not reflect well on the “land of the free and home of the brave.” Thank you for sharing your thoughts as positively as possible! Not easy to do with this kind of subject.

  2. Exactly! I feel the same way about slavery. People needed to mind their own damn business when it came to things that harmed not a single person.

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