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A Wrap Up Of Black History Month

Sadly, that’s a wrap.

This isn’t the last day of Black History Month, but this is the last post I’ll be making in February, so I figured I would do a little wrap-up of the month. I want to share my thoughts in general and leave you guys with a little something to think about as well.

I think that one of my favorite things about black history month is how creative people tend to get. There are black movies that premier, people do some amazing makeup looks, videos of choreographed dances with people wearing afros in all black, and so much more. Black people are creative as hell and we don’t need a special month to show out and shine, but we use this month just to shine even more than we already do. With that being said, I will have to say that I feel as if I didn’t see too much going on this month. I did see some things here and there, but not like I’ve seen in the past. When I say this, I mean from black people as well as allies.

A worry of mines is that black history month will eventually fade away. As I said, we don’t need a special month to show out and shine. Non-black people also shouldn’t need a special month to educate themselves on black history/culture or to support black people. All of this should be done anyways throughout the year. Black History Month isn’t special because it’s dedicated to us. It’s dedicated to us because WE’RE special. That is something that we in the black community need to remember and keep in our brains, especially when there are groups out there who make it their job to try to tell us different.

We are at the point now with how the world is where, we’re not where we used to be, but we’re also so far away from where we need to be. It’s so tiring seeing another life taken and our rights being ignored as if neither matters, but like the ones before us didn’t stop until changes were made, neither should we.

Black History Month may be over, but black lives and black history will forever matter.

We are not the makers of history, we are made by history.

Dr. martin luther king jr.


  1. Happy black history month! I def agree with you that now we are in March, things will fade unfortunately. We have come a long way in society but so much more needs to be done! We have to continue putting emphasis on black lives matter always! Lovely post 🥰

    • I hate the cycle that happens. We definitely need to continue putting emphasis on black lives matter 24/7. Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

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