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A World Entangled

Shoutout to Jada, because she has given the world new memes and a new term to use (and joke about). If the title seems familiar, it’s because you’re a listener of my podcast and knows that my recent podcast episode is actually on this topic. If you’d like to listen to that, then just scroll to the bottom of this blog or click on my Spotify icon and it’ll take you right to Spotify.

If you’re someone who keeps up with celebrities or is just on social media often, then you know what’s going on with Will Smith, Jada Smith, and August Alsina. You’ll also know that Jada brought herself to her own red table where she was talking about the situation with Will and she used the word entanglement when referring to her and August, which basically means a relationship. Why she didn’t just say relationship? Who knows. Maybe she was just trying to skip around the word to make it seem not as bad. Regardless, it gets you thinking a bit. I have no clue about Will and Jada’s relationship. There are many speculations, but I don’t care enough to go that deep and make speculations of my own. I do know, however, that it’s normal to go through your own issues when you’re in relationships. It’s pretty easy to end up in your own “entanglements” if you will.

Although it’s easy for us to individually end up in our own situations, you can’t help but realize that the world in its entirety is in MULTIPLE entanglements! We are entangled with poverty, hunger, climates, etc. The list could go on, and just like with Will and Jada and any other relationship, it takes working through it and untangling that entanglement. However, even with just a two person relationship, it’s super hard sometimes because of different personalities, so can you imagine how it is with the world!? We see a bit of that when it comes to the masks. Right now we’re in an entanglement with Covid and we could get untangled a bit quicker if everyone wore masks and would just refrain from super crowded settings. Sounds somewhat easy, but this is where different personalities come to play and some people are like “Of course!” and others are more like “You want me to do what!?” Sadly, we need EVERYONE to be on board and not just different cities or parts of the world.

Not working together will cause us to be in this entanglement with Covid a lot longer, and this goes with everything else as well. We have to work together if we want to get out, and I didn’t take a poll or anything but I’m pretty sure we all do.

So, what are your thoughts on this world entangled? I’d love to hear from you! Also, a reminder again that I do also have a podcast episode on this topic and many others if you’d like to listen.


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