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A Small Step For A Long Battle

The votes are in and we have a new president! The moment of relief is beyond amazing! This is a step in the right direction. There are many more steps to go, but this is the beginning.

I’m not huge on discussing politics on my blog, because I’m not a political person whatsoever. However, I felt it to be important to just write a quick post regarding this message. It’s important to state how significant is this win. We’re finally going to have someone so full of hate and carelessness have that power taken away. Not only that, but we have our first black woman vice president…how amazing is that!?

Beyond amazing!

All of these black woman taking charge are showing our little black girls that they can do it too. If they want to become vice president…or even better…president, then it’s possible. Nothing is too far from your reach!

With that being said, the battle is far from over, but this is surely a start. We still have a little over two months before we’ve completely rid of the cancer that’s in office now, and we all know cancers aren’t the easiest to get rid of. We can celebrate, but remember that there’s still so much to continue fighting for. It’s proven that when we band together, anything is possible.

Let’s keep that energy!

Today’s motivational Monday takeaway is just to keep going. Celebrate the small step, but to keep that energy for the many steps we have ahead of us.

Happy Monday!


  1. I really hope that this is the first step towards some serious healing for all of you. We have been following the election closely here in Canada, knowing that while there is going to be an impact felt here, it’s nothing compared to what the American people are experiencing. The fact that it was so close is a clear sign that there are many more battles lying ahead – your outgoing president didn’t bring racism to the United States. He didn’t bring sexism to the United States. He didn’t bring hatred to the United States. Instead, he simply opened the door and made it okay to publicly make these feelings known. While I will never understand what it’s like to stand in your shoes, I can’t know what it’s like completely, I do want you to know that I stand alongside you and am sending love to all of you.

    • Thank you so much for all the love and support. It definitely shouldn’t have been so close at all, but as you said, it’s a clear sign. There are always going to be people who think like Trump and just as he opened that door, we’ll continue to stand together waiting for when people try to walk through. Sending all the love right back ♥

  2. Finally! A new pres and a woman of color in the 2nd highest office in the land!
    With the country so divided, I pray that the new administration can help bring about positive change…one step at a time.
    Much love!

    • I know! It’s so amazing! I’m hoping they will bring a positive change. There’s so much work to do and we can’t let up! Sending you much love as well ♥

  3. Yassssssssssssss praying for great things to happen for us starting January! It’s been really tough in the US especially with the leader we have, but change is coming and the battle ahead will be long, but we will prevail.

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