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A Letter To My Future Self.

Dear future self,

I am so proud of you! I say this because I know you’re going to be reading this while being in a much better place in life. Through so many years, you’ve struggled with many different obstacles. Some of those obstacles being with weight, mental stability, saving money, getting your own space, and just so much more…but look at you now! I know you’re doing bigger and better things both blogging wise and just lifestyle wise. I bet right now you’re fulfilling your dream of having a career as a successful blogger. It was the only thing that gave you motivation and drive. You knew nothing else you wanted in life, but you knew you wanted that. How did you do on that poetry book? I know you finished it AND got some sales because you’re just that badass. I’m not sure how far into the future you’re reading this, but if having your own merchandise remained a goal for you, then I know you pulled through with it. You might even have your own store by now. I know that’s something that was always a random thought, but random thoughts sometimes become the best blessings in disguise. I mean think about it, your blog was a random thought and now look at where you are.

As far as the rest of your life goes, I know you’re doing amazing in all aspects. Yea, you may have struggled to fight some demons, but look at your end result. With the blogging career blossoming, I hope you finally learned to save and budget like you’ve been needing to. All you ever wanted was your own really nice apartment, your own car, and a puppy. I hope that throughout life, you were able to get those things and so much more…like mental stability. Everyday is a battlefield and me being in the present, I have yet to fully go into war with fighting my mental demons, but I know the day will come. And girl, I know you look good! I’m struggling right now as it is to lose weight, so I can only imagine the struggles you’ve been through to actually go through and accomplish those weightloss goals. Is your closet full of shorts, bodycon dresses, and crop tops like you said it would be?? Maybe not if you switched up your style, but I hope you finally got the confidence you never thought you’d have.

Life has dragged you and exhausted you until you can’t take anymore, but while you’re reading this letter, I hope you’re saying “yea, but I fought back” with the biggest smile on your face. I love you. You never told yourself that enough, but I hope throughout the years you’ve learned to tell yourself that everyday. You’re an amazing woman and you’re going to continue to do amazing things.

With love,


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