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A Glimpse Into My 2024 Vision Board

It’s January, and though some have finished theirs in December, people are working on their vision boards. Last year I decided to do a glimpse into my 2023 vision board, and I thought it was fun to do the same this year!

Vision boards are not only a great way to visually see all of your goals, but they’re also a fun way to get creative. I loved looking back at my vision board from last year and comparing it to this year’s! I’m not going to go through each picture on my board, but you can read my 2024 goals in my Annual 2023 Update post!

My 2024 Vision Board

Go to sleep and wake up earlier.

Last year I had a goal to wake up earlier, but I did not succeed on that goal. The main reason is because I stayed up late often, which made it much harder to accomplish that goal. This year I want to work on, not only waking up earlier but going to bed earlier.

Workout consistently 3x/week.

Health is important in general and I want to work on feeling better about myself, but I also have a goal before I turn thirty. I’ve failed many times at this goal, but I want to keep trying until I succeed!

Take more photoshoots.

One of the things I want to do this year is get back to being active on my Instagram. To do that, I want to take more photoshoots for you all to enjoy on the gram!

Create my dream life.

I think every vision board should have words or quotes to be used as reminders and motivation. This quote is placed on my vision board as a reminder that I’m working towards my dream life. The end of the journey is beautiful, but the journey itself is filled with many trials and this reminder is important to see from time to time.

vision boards are becoming a favorite of mine aesthetically wise and motivational wise! There are different ways to make vision boards, including the old-school way of cutting pictures out of magazines.

Have you created a vision board this year? Do you prefer downloading and printing photos online or do you prefer the old-school way of using magazines? Let me know!


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