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A Glimpse Into My 2023 Vision Board

It has come to the point where we’re at the end of the year and it’s time that I start thinking about my goals and what I want for the new year. One of my new favorite ways to visually plan out some of my goals is through a vision board.

If you’re unfamiliar with vision boards, they’re simply a way to form your goals, but visually through pictures. Putting your goals in both writing and picture form is the best way to help motivate and remind you of what you’re working towards when things get tough.

I know vision boards are pretty popular and a lot of people may be looking for ideas at this time, so I’m sharing what mine looks like currently and I’m going to explain a few of the pictures. I won’t go through the entire thing because my next post will include a detailed version of the goals I have planned for 2023.

My 2023 Vision Board

Social media/content creation

One of my goals is to get back into content creation and social media like I was prior to this year. This year I have been a little too inconsistent, haven’t posted how I wanted, and didn’t reach out to a single brand like I planned for this year. I want to slowly get back in it and continue to provide for the community that I have already while also growing it as well.

Get closer to God

I’ve noticed this year that I slipped a little bit away when it comes to my religion and my relationship with God. It’s important to me to work on that relationship because I never want to stray away.

Practice saving money

Saving money has constantly been an issue for me, and the best way to achieve a goal is to keep working on it until you succeed. This photo can also represent money in general because in order to have money to save, I need to make it.

Read more books

This is another one that has been consistently placed on my goals list because I have failed to dust off those books on my shelf, but I’m not going to give up. I will replace Tiktok scrolling with page turning!

As I said earlier, I didn’t go into full detail because I will have a very detailed post coming Friday with my goals for the new year. However, I hope that my glimpse was enough to provide motivation to make your own!

Do you like to create vision boards? If so, do you prefer digital, physical, or both?


  1. I like the idea of a vision board; and yours is a great one for 2023. I’ve shared my reflections of the year on my site through guided journal prompts and questions that have really helped focus where I want to go. I hope you have a great year ahead!

    • Wow, I love that! I might have to try that myself also. I hope you have a great year ahead as well…happy new year!

  2. With work and consistency I know you’ll achieve all that you set out to do. Once you have a routine that will help alot I have a morning routine but no night routine.

    • Thank you love ♥. And I think it’s like by the time the night comes, I’m too tired for a routine. I just want to scroll social media or watch tv until I fall asleep, but I know that’s not good lol.

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