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8 Solo Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and all the couples are probably trying to figure out date ideas for the day of love. If you’re single or spending the day alone, you might not try to bother with the holiday, but you should still make plans!

Dates aren’t just for couples, but single people as well. Taking yourself out on a date is an important way to get to know yourself more and show yourself a little bit of love. If you didn’t consider going out on a solo date, consider changing your mind with one or more of the ideas provided below!

1. Go to the movies

If you have a movie that you’d love to see but don’t have a date, it’s the perfect time to go see a movie! Some may not see going to the movies by yourself as a fun activity, but you deserve to take yourself out on a fun movie date. You’re able to grab yourself a large bag of popcorn, a soda, and maybe even some candy to enjoy as you sit in peace enjoying your favorite featured film.

2. Take yourself out to dinner

Who says you need to have a date in order to go out to dinner for Valentine’s day? Taking yourself out to dinner and enjoying your own company is an example of self love. You should put on your best dressed outfit and take yourself out to eat at a fancy restaurant. It may not be easy if you’re not used to eating out alone, but once your food comes out, you’ll be too focused on enjoying your meal to focus on anything else!

3. Create a cute set up and Dine-in

If you’re not ready to eat at a restaurant by yourself or you prefer to save a little bit of money, creating an at-home set up and dining in is a great choice! At home dates are fun whether you’re doing it with someone or alone. You can also order food if you don’t feel like cooking. However you choose to do it, create the ambiance, get dressed up, and enjoy your dine-in meal.

4. Go to the spa

There is nothing that screams self-love more than taking yourself to the spa, which is what makes going on a solo spa date perfect. Spa dates are all about relaxing while letting others take care of you and your skin. If you were ever stressing about being single on Valentine’s day, those worries will quickly melt away!

5. Go on a shopping date

It’s time to go…SHOPPING! Retail therapy is always a great way to treat yourself and release the annoyance of the current dating world. I would probably plan ahead on this one if you want to make sure not to spend all of your money, but make sure you’re giving yourself the Valentine’s day gift you deserve! You can even make a full day out of it and go to eat after shopping.

6. Take yourself out on a picnic date

Picnics are simple yet enjoyable. If the weather isn’t too cold where you’re located, grab all of the materials you need and take yourself out on a picnic date. Something else you could do is get dressed up for yourself. You can make your outfit part of the setting and make look cute as you wine and dine yourself while enjoying the beauty of nature.

7. Go on a solo coffee date

Coffee dates are top tier and one of the things that you should do solo more often. Whether you’re going to do work or you’d like to sit and take in the ambiance, it’s a highly recommended option!

8. Photoshoot date

A solo photoshoot date consists of taking cute Valentine’s day photo’s by yourself versus what you would take with a spouse. I think taking these photos and putting them up in your home makes a great reminder that you’re amazing and to love yourself!

All of these ideas are perfect for a solo Valentine’s date idea, however, remember that the holiday isn’t required. You deserve to treat yourself throughout the entire year and enjoy your own company!

Which solo date idea would you consider? Let me know in the comments!

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