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8 Habits Of A Successful Blogger

It’s motivational Monday! Seriously though, I’m really thinking of making this an actual thing. If you want this to be a series on my blog, then please comment and let me know! If you guys are enjoying motivational Monday posts, then I’d be more than happy to make this an official series up on the blog.

Now, getting into today’s post, so many bloggers(including myself) are trying to figure out the formula for being a successful blogger. I am in no way a successful blogger(at least in my mind), but it’s something I’m working towards. You see all these bloggers out here able to make blogging their job and they get sent products and everything of the sort. What is the secret trick to it all? Well, there is no sure fire way or special secret formula, but there are a few habits that successful bloggers do that you can try as well to help you get further along in your blogging journey. I decided to look those up and share 8 of them that I think are the most important. Take a look!

1. They Treat Their Blog Like A Business

This is something I do all the time. Anytime my friends ask, I tell them I’m working on my business. If you plan on being successful, you can’t treat your blog like it’s some little hobby. If you do, then that’s all it’ll ever be. You have to take it seriously. You only have 5 subscribers? Well that’s 5 people that are subscribed to your business. The sooner you treat your blog like a business, the more believe it and you may even be more motivated to work harder at it.

2. They Stick To A Schedule

Another important habit is to get into making and sticking to a schedule. If you blog on random days, then that’s fine too. No form of blogging is absolute, but sometimes it’s helpful to your readers/subscribers to have a set day that blog posts come up. It’s also very helpful to yourself as well because then you can be more organized on when you write out your posts, what kind of posts you may want to write on what days, and so on.

3. They Take Their Time

I think this is one I might need to work on sometimes. I think some bloggers that I consider successful take hours…sometimes days to finish a post. I’m not saying you have to take that long on a blog post, but definitely taking your time can be helpful in reassuring that you’re happy with your post and it’s satisfactory to go out to the audience. Successful bloggers taking their time could also be referring to the blogging process in general. No matter what you’re working on with your blog, whether it’s a post or promotion on your social media, take your time. Rushing things can end up in a sloppy performance and you’ll be going backward instead of forwards.

4. They Work Towards Happiness and Happiness Only

Say you’ve been on your journey to being a successful blogger for years. You listened to everyone else. You did what you thought you should do and what others said you should do. You only focused on the most popular of niches and not the ones you loved the most. You feel like you’ve done everything to be successful and make that blogger money, yet you can’t seem to make it. Do you know why? It’s because that’s all you’re focusing on. Not only are you not at your end goal, but you’re also unhappy and not doing something you love. The end goal shouldn’t be to do something just to make money, but it should be to do something that makes you happy. If you love what you do, then everything else will fall into place.

5. They Listen, Analyze, and Engage Their Audience Responses

Although it’s very important to focus on your happiness, it’s also important to make sure you’re listening to your audience. Ask them what would they like to see…kind of like how I did at the beginning of this post. You have to care about your readers. They’re the ones showing you the support you know? Make sure you respond to their comments as well. No one wants to feel like they’re talking to a computer. Engage honestly and show your personality and that you’re a person.

6. They Collaborate

Collaboration is for sure an essential habit. It’s something I want to do more myself and plan on doing in the next month. Collaboration is beneficial to both you and the person you’re collaborating with. You both are given the chance to have your posts seen to a broader audience, and you personally are showing that you’re able to work with others. This also can help provide even more variety to your blog as well.

7. They Stay Resilient

Blogging is not easy whatsoever. It’s also an up and down type of business 100%. One day you might get a bunch of views on a post and another day you may only have like 10. Even the most successful bloggers struggle with things like that, but what keeps them successful is the fact they don’t let it keep them down. Sure it sucks and it may hurt, especially if it’s a post you loved and had high hopes on, but you have to just learn. Maybe analyze why it didn’t get as many views and move from there. Successful bloggers may get down sometimes, but they don’t stay down.

8. They Are Honest

I kind of already hit on this a little bit with habit #8. Nobody wants to subscribe or support someone that’s fake or lie about who they are. Would you want to support someone like that? I think what makes a successful blogger successful is that they’re real. They show that they make mistakes, they drink, they cuss, etc. They’re, relatable, and honest. I’ve spoken on being that from the beginning and I always will.

These 8 habits are what I think are the most important to becoming a successful blogger. I can’t guarantee instant success the moment you start to do these, but keep working. Everything happens in its own time. You’ll get there in due time.

Is there a habit you didn’t see on the list? Comment and add to the list!


  1. Taking your time is so important! Before I took blogging seriously a post used to take a few minutes to write, and now it takes a few hours!

    • It is! You definitely want to make sure you’re happy with your final product. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. Great post! These are wonderful tips. I’ve found that having a schedule and sticking to it have been the driving force behind my blog and maintaining it. It’s been essential since the beginning. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’d be so lost if I didn’t have a schedule! Nothing against people who choose to post whenever they feel, but I would just feel so unorganized if I didn’t have a schedule. Thanks for reading and commenting! ♥

  3. What’s important is being honest. I remember being truthful about a product and others engaged with me like yeah I felt the same. They absolutely appreciated what I offered them.

  4. Working on sticking to a schedule because 🙃 but I am much better! One thing I have started to do is plan out my content on an excel sheet! Love this list!

    • Girl it happens. I’ll schedule and plan when a i’m going to write posts and everything but it’ll flop lol. But it’s good you found something that’s working for you! Thanks for reading and commenting 💕

  5. This by far is my favorite post by you😍 I absolutely think that when you treat your blog like a business, you hold yourself more accountable for getting things done consistently because you’re taking it serious like a real job. I like that you shined light on writing what makes you happy and focusing on happiness as a main goal. When you keep happiness in the forefront, you never lose passion to produce content. Awesome tips sis!👏🏾

    Natonya |

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you loved my post! I believe 100% that happiness and loving what you’re doing keeps you going. Thanks for reading 💕

  6. These are brilliant tips! I think sticking to a schedule is such a good one. After I returned to blogging this year, I have made sure I’m posting once a week, it’s nice to stay present and engaged with the community. Not rushing is so important too, blogging takes a lot of time, care and attention. Thanks for sharing, fab post! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it. It’s definitely all about being present! Thanks for reading ♥

  7. Hey love,
    These eight habits listed are golden. Having the mindset that your blog is a business depends entirely on how you treat it.

    And yes, sticking to a schedule is essential because it shows consistency.
    Thank you for sharing this!


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