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8 Different Ways Black People Show Each Other Love And Affection

Valentine’s day is this weekend and we’re ready to take in all of the love! Wednesday, I shared a post on how allies can show their love to a black person/ the black community. Today, I decided to share different ways black show each other love and affection. If you’re in the black community, then you know that black people tend to show each other love differently sometimes. It could be in ways you may never even realized until you read this post.

These things are all so casual, but they mean so much.

1. Combing out each other’s afros/doing each other’s hair

Black people doing each other’s hair is a special kind of love. You have to truly trust someone to let them shape your afro and the way a black person does it so intricately to get the right shape is everything! There’s nothing like someone caring for your hair that has the kind as you and knows the struggle of black hair firsthand.

2. Making sure each other have on sunscreen

Skincare is important in general, but one thing that is assumed(even has been by me) is that black people don’t need to wear sunscreen daily or at all. I’ve learned through my time on Twitter that this is very untrue. We need to wear sunscreen daily as part of our skincare, and making sure that each other are all lathered up with sunscreen is for sure a way of showing love. It shows we care about each other’s skin, which in turn helps to make sure our black never cracks!

3. The way we greet each other

Have you ever seen the way black people greet each other!? It’s something special about it! The way Will and Jazz from The Fresh Prince of Belair is a perfect example. Our greetings/handshakes are sometimes intricate, which shows affection in a different way. It’s the way we acknowledge each other that just hits a little bit differently.

4. Cooking together/for each other

I think this can be agreed upon in unison that this one might just take the top prize. This is especially when we all join together to cook a meal. If you’ve ever had your family cook a southern meal together, then you know love. Afterwards is even better when you’re sitting down together eating that meal you all cooked. I said southern meal because I’m from the south, and if I listed all of the things that are included in said meal, then I will make myself hungry just by the thought!

5. Let each other win in Uno or Spades

I’m not a big card person, so I don’t know if this actually happens. If you don’t know, when black people get together to play card games, it gets serious! I mean families are torn apart kind of serious. Okay, so not necessarily, but they do get pretty hardcore. That’s why if someone lets the other person win, that is the true definition of love!

6. When we dance together

From the way back to our ancestors to now, our dances have always been a way of unison and meaning. Whether it’s at a cookout, a dance, you name it…we all join together. You even see in these movies where there are people arguing and the next thing you know, someone turns on music and gets them all to dance together. Suddenly, it’s as if the problems just melted away. When we dance in unison, it’s just something to take in and marvel at the togetherness of the community!

7. Supporting each others businesses

Of course this had to get added to the list! We have to show support for our own community. If we don’t, then how can we expect others to as well!? Supporting our own community shows how much we love and respect each other, not only just as black people, but also hard workers and creatives as well.

8. Laughing together

Last, but certainly not least, we show each other affection by laughing together. Sometimes when black people laugh together it becomes a whole workout! There might be running involved, dropping to the floor, and so much more. To go even further, I personally just love how we’re able to make something painful for us and turn it into a joke. We’re able to flip things around as a community, and that’s something special.

Black people show each other affection in different ways, and although other races may relate to some of these, we tend to do these things a little differently. The community is special, and to have the opportunity to bring it into a positive light is something that I’m glad I was able to do.

Can you think of other ways affection is shown in the black community? Comment below!

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.

Zora neale hurston


    • Thank you so much love! I think the black community is too often showcased in a negative light or following some negative stereotype, so it’s important to showcase us in a positive light. Thank you so much for reading and commenting ♥

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