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8 Businesses That Just Might Make You Go Bankrupt

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare your wallets for some hardcore shopping. But, before you can go out into the world (or the cyber world) and potentially make your cards shed a tear, you have to know where exactly you’d like to shop and spend your coin.

Thus, I have curated a list of eight businesses that I have either personally shopped from or have eyed here and there. These businesses could have certainly taken every ounce of my money if I didn’t have any self-control (I almost lost a few times). So, if you’re looking for some good places to shop, check out these places below and feed that shopping addiction!

Legendary Rootz

Talk about having willpower! When it comes to this business, it truly takes every ounce of strength not to buy out the entire site! Along with mugs such as the one pictured, they have clothing items, decor, cute stationery, and more. You don’t understand…I’m obsessed! You will be too once you take a look at their site (psst…and it’s owned by a black woman).

Jazz Moné

If you haven’t seen this mug then you must not have a Twitter because it, along with some of her other mugs, has gone pretty viral. She even has the support of Jackie Aina herself (for all of those who know who she is)! I not only have three of her mugs, but I’ve had to hold myself back from buying more simply because I have no more room! You’ll have to try and hold yourself back too once you see all of the cute mugs on the site. I suggest you just give in and buy a matching shirt while you’re at it!

Beatific Happy Planner

Beatific is a little shop on Etsy that I have come to love. We’re vastly approaching 2022, which means it’s almost time to throw out those old planners and get one for the new year! I bought a planner for 2021 and I loved it so much that I had to get a new one for 2022, which I already secured. Not only can you customize these planners, but they plant a tree for every planner purchased! You’ll want to get your hands on them for yourself and your loved ones for Christmas!

Trinket Traces

If you’re a fan of little trinkets, then I have the perfect business for you to shop! Karen is a hard worker when it comes to making her jewelry and it shows. These cute, delicate pieces are gorgeous and a must to grab! I have one of her chokers and when I say I’m in love…I mean it! She also does custom pieces, so you can even get something customized if you want to get someone a personalized gift. All I have left to say is, you better purchase before she’s sold out!

Vitae London

I’ve never been a big watch wearer, but Vitae London makes me want to change that! Luxury is the word that comes to mind when talking about this brand. I have yet to have the ability to grab one of these beautiful watches, but I cannot wait until the day that I can. I have my eyes already on a few rose gold watches! If you’re ready to swipe your card on a nice luxury watch, this is the place to do it at! What time is it!? Time to spend some coins!


Calling all hair gurus or just anyone in need of some hair growth oil…you WILL want to swipe those cards! This product is the TRUTH and I know because I use it myself. In fact, I shouldn’t even be talking about it in this post because then it might end up sold out, but I’ll do it to help out another small business. Amore means to love and you will fall in love with the hair oil and loc spray. Don’t be afraid because you see the word “loc”, I don’t have them and the products work great for me. I don’t know about you, but I’m about to run and grab me some before they’re all gone!

Melanin Spirit

The name practically speaks for itself. The beautiful spirit of the black ancestors has to be with these candles because they not only smell amazing, but they look too beautiful to burn. I have not only bought candles for my mother and grandmother, but I have one for myself as well. These beautiful candles each represent historic black figures including Harriet Tubman or James Baldwin. I have the Rosa Parks candle and I’ve been holding onto it for dear life! Why not burn it? Because, these candles have already gotten so popular that they become sold out quickly! You’ll try to purchase just one, however, buying these candles is like eating a bag of chips…you can’t stop at one!


Abbingtons is a shop on Etsy with the cutest mugs that also comes with some sassy sayings! Along with mugs, she also has coasters, shot glasses, and more. I purchased the cutest unicorn mug in 2018 and I’m still in love with it to this day! When you see all of the options the shop has, you’ll have your cart full and ready to overflow, but that’s fine…treat yourself!

If these businesses were on trial, they would be guilty as charged with feeding my shopping addiction! I believe we all deserve to get things we love, so grab those sales and get yourself something nice (or a few things). I would like to give a disclaimer that I am not responsible or liable for anyone that goes bankrupt, however, I am absolutely responsible for showing you businesses that deserve your dollars!

Which business piqued your interest? Are you partaking in Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Happy Shopping!


  1. I will have to check out Trinket Traces. I love handmade jewelry. Thank you for these recommendations! I went shopping today and will shop online on Monday too. 🙂

    • Her stuff is so cute and she just put out her new holiday collection that I’m literally in love with! Glad I could help you find more places to shop! ♥

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