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7 Ways To Destress Without Technology


To relax after a period of work or tension.

There are two things that a lot of humans seem to be addicted to…technology and working. Consequently, those same two things are what can bring you can stress. It’s never easy dealing with different personalities all day at work and that goes for if you’re online all day as part of your job plus the stress it can bring on your eyes when staring at screens.

These factors especially apply to people who are social media influencers/content creators. Being online is how you get paid as a creator, but the constant different interactions plus the stress of being your own boss can turn out to become a lot. Not to mention, as humans in this technology age, we are often on our phones and computers for leisure. I’m sure there are plenty of people nowadays who will tell you that they don’t go anywhere without their phone in their hand.

Stress Awareness Month is this month, and depending on who you ask, they may say that scrolling on your phone while laying back is the best stress reliever. However, it’s good to destress without technology. Again, this is especially so for someone whose job is to post online. Sometimes you need a moment where you’re not looking at comments or posting. In honor of Stress Awareness Month and the need for a break from technology as a content creator, I’m sharing seven ways to destress that don’t involve technology!

Read a book.

Before technology and the internet, we all had a nice good physical book in our hands. Though we have kindles and e-books now, to me, there is nothing like a good physical book. With reading, you’re able to let words take you away into a different space and away from the stress of the day.

Do yoga.

Yoga is a great way to destress and is also good for your body. The best thing about yoga as well is that, if the weather permits, you can do it outside while looking at the beauty of nature. Some may also like to meditate in combination with doing yoga. All you need to do is get into that peaceful zone and stretch the stress and tension away.

Go out to eat with friends.

As someone who loves to eat, this is one of my favorite things to do. Going out with friends, eating, laughing, and spending time with people who you genuinely enjoy being around is a great way to destress. More and more people have started/are starting to go back out and enjoy life again. Remember, it’s going to be hard to not go on social media and post your meals, but make it a priority not to go on social media and just enjoy the moment!

Color or paint.

If you didn’t know, coloring books are not just for kids. There are adult coloring books and they are perfect for those who like to take creative approaches when it comes to destressing. It’s so nice to sit back and color or paint the stress away! For those who have issues with being perfect, try this out without letting perfection get to you. The point is to destress, not to add it on. Don’t worry about staying in the lines or following a guide…just let go and enjoy yourself.

Do a puzzle.

This is another activity that’s perfect if you prefer to do something a little more creative. Puzzles are so fun, and just like coloring, not just for kids. There are so many different puzzles, which makes it fun because you can choose whichever kind you want as well as the difficulty level. Again, if you’re a perfectionist or someone who stresses out easily, try this out and test yourself not to stress but to enjoy the process. As I said before, the point is to destress, not add stress.

Sleep in/take a nap.

I know that I can’t be the only one who misses nap time in school! Those were the best times, yet some of us were kids who just didn’t want to take a nap. Nowadays us adults just want to close our eyes for five minutes without being needed. Although sleeping may not solve all problems, sometimes all we need is a little nap or to have a sleep-in day. Rest is very important, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself by getting enough of it!

Play an outdoor activity.

The weather is looking so beautiful and the days are getting longer, which makes it the perfect time to plan an outdoor activity. Remember going outdoors as a kid and staying out all day? We should begin bringing this back! Of course, it’s not as simple with how much work needs to get done as an adult, but it’s important to plan some outdoor time and soak in the sun. If you’re looking for an idea of outdoor activities, you can find them in this post! Everything listed is something that you can take from inside to the outdoors!

It’s so important to take a moment away from technology and do other things to help get rid of the stresses of life. As important as our phones and computers may be, they also aid in the stresses that we’re experiencing. Remember to take a moment away and enjoy the beauty of the day!

What’s your favorite way to destress without technology? Let me know!

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