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7 Social Media Tips To Live By

Being a social media influencer or content creator is currently the hype as a lot of people these days are trying to put down job applications for their cameras and phones. Whether you’re new to being active on social media or you’ve had a presence for quite a while, it’s good to have a few basic tips that you should live by.

I have a few tips that I’ve learned during my time on social media and I’m sharing some of them with you below!

Show your true personality.

One of the most important tips when being on social media is to show who you are. There are a lot of fake personalities on social media, and you may feel the need to replicate those people in order to gain their following or even replicate someone else’s true personality because you feel that’s what people like, but a fake personality can easily be spotted. If you don’t show who you truly are, then you’re not only deceiving your audience but you’re also gaining an audience of people that don’t even like you for the real you.

Be consistent.

Remain consistent across the board through all of your social media accounts. When doing so, this means that you’re using the same brand logo, font, colors, etc. This even means using the same profile photo and having the same or similar handles. Another way to be consistent is with how often you post online. Come up with a schedule and be sure to stick to it in order to show your audience that you’re consistently active!

Don’t spam your followers.

Promotion is a big part of being on social media as a creator or influencer, however, you never want to spam your followers with promotions or things that you’re selling. If the only or majority of the time you’re posting is to sell something, you won’t look authentic. Promoting yourself is great and something you should do daily, but also make sure you’re making a genuine connection with your followers. That’s how you build a community of people who will want to support you and not feel as if you only care about what they could do for you.

Make content that’s original.

Along with showing your true personality, you also want to make content that’s original. There’s nothing wrong with getting ideas and inspiration from others, but make sure you’re posting content that aligns with who you are as a person. The more original you are, the better!

Pay attention to your analytics.

Though I don’t agree with constantly checking your numbers or obsessing over them, it is important to pay attention to your analytics and check at least once a week or so. This is important to do so because it tells you what your audience does and doesn’t like. It also shows you who exactly your audience it and what times they are most likely to be online.

Work with others.

Working with others is a great way to help grow in the social media world. This allows you to get yourself out there with a new audience that may have never seen you before. You’re also helping the person you’re working with to do the exact same.

Support those that support you.

This one can go along with working with others in a sense. As you make a presence on social media, you begin to grow a following of supporters who are helping you out by commenting, liking, and sharing your content. Supporting those that support you by doing the same shows how much you care and appreciate them. We’re all just trying to make it in this social media world and it’s a lot easier when we’re helping each other grow!

These are some of the social media tips that I personally live by and I think will help you as well as you’re making your presence in the world of social media.

Do you already practice these tips? What’s a tip that you would add?


  1. I am happy that you pointed these 7 tips about social media out. I think another tip is just to be engage with your audience.

    • Yes, that one is an important one as well! I’m glad that you enjoyed my post and I appreciate you for reading β™₯

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