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7 Reasons Why I Love Being A Woman

This month (and honestly beyond) we are celebrating the wonderfulness that is women! We’ve had international women’s day, it’s Women’s History Month, and I’m a woman myself making this the perfect time to celebrate being a woman.

Women tend to get a lot of hate simply for being women and we go through so much during our lifetime that it can make it easy to have those days where you just wish you weren’t a woman (especially during that time of the month). However, I wouldn’t trade being a woman for anything in the world and I want to share what it is about us that I just love so much and makes me proud to say that I am a woman!

Our Drive.

I love the drive that us women have! There are often many odds stacked against and we’re looked at as weak and inferior to our male counterparts, but that never stops us. We have the drive to push past whatever some men think we can’t do and we make it happen. If women didn’t have the drive that we do, then the amazing businesses and creations that exist today would never be a thing.

Our Femininity.

There are some stereotypes or jokes from some men how women are “turning into men” or “want to be/are masculine”, but women are so feminine and I love that about us. From our curves to our clothing…I love everything about it! I also love how we as women can be very feminine while also doing what is considered “masculine”. There is no limit for us and you can’t put us in a box no matter how hard you try.

Our Beauty.

Women are so beautiful. I know there are so many women out there (including me) who often feel the opposite, but all women are beautiful in their own way. We have a beauty that just can’t compare and have the ability to turn heads just by walking into a room. We often know how to use what we have and make it work. There are some men that hate us for that, but the only thing I have to say to that is…don’t hate the player, hate the game!

Our Versatility.

I love the versatility that we have, especially when it comes to wigs. You can see the same woman the entire day and watch her as she becomes seven different people…all in the same day! Women are constantly switching things and sometimes thinking on our feet if the situation calls for it. You never know what (or who) you will be getting next!

Our…Not So usual…Talents.

The title might sound weird…but hear me out. Being a woman sometimes means needing to be in multiple places all at once. It’s a crazy thing to say and it’s exhausting as it sounds, yet women somehow make it happen. I’m not a mother nor do I have a family of my own, but I know this especially applies to those who are mothers and wives. Some of them are also running their own businesses as well. We manage to make things work in the most unusual way…but it works! Men may say it’s a trick…I say it’s because we have superpowers.

Our Community.

This one could be considered as hearsay, but I love our community. I agree, we as women have some work to do when it comes to how we treat each other, but overall I think we tend to stick together. Yes, there are a lot of women that choose to tear each other down from jealousy or other reasons, but we also lift each other up. I love when I see women doing big things like making sure each other are safe from harm or smaller things like telling another woman when they have lipstick in their teeth. It’s important for women to have safe spaces because the world appears to be anything but safe for us to live in.

Our Fashion.

Lastly, our fashion is everything! As I mentioned, I’m a girly girl and I love to express that in my clothing. Women’s fashion also goes along with the versatility of women because the fashion is versatile as well! You can have a two-piece set and wear it multiple different ways. A dress that was made for a formal event can somehow turn into a club dress within the snap of a finger. The possibilities are endless!

Being a woman comes with many challenges, but it’s also a powerful thing. Women deserve to be celebrated each and every single day with everything that we go through, especially by each other. If we don’t lift each other up…who will!? I love being a woman and that is one thing that will never change!

What’s your favorite thing about being a woman or about women in general? Share it in the comments!


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