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7 of My Favorite Podcasts by Black Creators

I have been trying to listen to podcasts more often these days, mostly in the mornings when I’m making and eating my breakfast. I’ve suggested a few podcasts to you guys before, but today I’m giving you a list of nothing but black podcasters. Why? Because why not? It’s no news that we black creators need to have more light shed on us and our work. So today, I’m doing just that with a few podcasts I’ve listened to and loved thus far. I have plenty more to get through, which is also why I’m trying to listen to a podcast episode every morning. Look out for part two for sure, but until then, check out this first list of podcasts by black creators!

The Influencer Lounge

The Influencer Lounge is a podcast created by Leticia Collins that focuses on helping you succeed online. Learn to expand your online business and grow an online presence with her knowledge and tips.

The Baggage Reclaim Sessions

It’s time to unpack your emotional and life baggage with Natalie Lue. The Baggage Reclaim Sessions is Natalie’s blog in podcast form. There, she has discussions that help you breakdown everything you might be going through and break through those low points that you’re keeping inside to help you life a live you love with more self-esteem.

Speak Up Sis

Creator and Author Angel Charmaine creates a space for people to share their own stories and experiences. Hearing someone else’s story that might be similar to yours could be an inspiration or just lets you know that you’re not alone.

Black Girls Heal

Black Girls Heal uses a combination of tools, coaching, and therapeutic support to help women escape the cycles of being in unhealthy relationships with unavailable partners. Dive into these episodes that will help you grow through your trauma and grow through your self worth.

The Goal Standard

Lene Green breaks down the realism of being a boss by interviewing different men and women who are bosses themselves and going through it firsthand. People see the roses of it all on social media, but they don’t know what goes on behind the scenes and how they went from point A to where they are now. Lene allows those stories to be shared.

Brunch With Bri

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about Bri’s podcast has made an appearance on my blog. Bri Lee’s podcast is made for the millennial woman! She covers different topics from business to faith and more in between. Grab your brunch as you listen in on what Bri has to say.

The Raw Dosage

Dolce gets real and raw on The Raw Dosage Podcast. Another podcast set and made for the everyday millennial, she has discussions that are going to help you level up and expand in your business. Before you can do that, you have to work on the inside, and Dolce makes sure to hit on that as well.

Like I said before, there will be a part 2 for sure, because I have plenty of other podcasts to go through and listen to! I also would like to do a shameless plug and mention that I have a podcast as well. You can find it on Spotify, Anchorfm, and on the bottom of this blog if you just give a scroll down.

Please continue to support black creators and businesses, donating, protesting, and sharing information for black lives matter. The news may have stopped caring, but that doesn’t mean that you should too.


  1. I haven’t listened to any podcasts yet but I’ve been on the hunt for some to listen to over the next few weeks and there are some amazing recommendations here. All of these sound really interesting and worth listening too. Thank you for introducing me to these podcasters. I’m excited to start listening and see what they will be talking about 🙂

  2. I have been looking for new podcasts and this post could not have come to me at a better time. Thank you will definitely have to check these out!

    • Yay, I’m so happy to hear that! I hope you find a few on the list that you like. Thanks for reading and commenting♥

    • Maybe you’ll find one that you love within this batch. They are a pretty good way to start the day and relaxing to listen to. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

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