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7 Of My Favorite Fall Makeup Looks On Instagram

I haven’t done a beauty post in a while, so I figured it was time to dust it off and make today a post about beauty! Specifically, my favorite fall makeup looks! I follow some amazing women on Instagram who are killing it constantly with the fall looks, so I figured, why not share them with my readers? Maybe it’ll inspire you to recreate some looks yourself!

1. Shinekataleya

Photo of Shine Kataleya on instagram wearing a bright red shirt and a neutral fall makeup look

Kalia is wearing neutral makeup with a neutral glossy lip. Sometimes I hate to admit it, but this is basically my everyday makeup look, which is why it’s also my fave. I think if you add lipgloss to a look, it automatically completes it!

2. Ayzia_

A photo of Ayzia_ on instagram. She is wearing a white sweater with black zigzag patterns. She also has on a black fedora and is wearing fall makeup that includes red blush and a bright red lip.

Ayzia is rocking a bright red lip with her look and I’m here for it! I think a red lip is a staple for fall and winter also. I’m also in love with how her lipstick matches her nails. My favorite thing about this look is it’s great when I want a little color, but don’t feel like putting in an effort trying to do an eyeshadow look.

3. Kiitana

Photo is a picture of Kiitana on instagram. She is wearing a white button up with a plaid jacket over it. She has a phone in her hand and is wearing a natural  fall makeup look with a red lip color. She is smiling bright.

Kiitana has another neutral fall makeup look, but what makes this one my favorite is the purple lip she’s wearing. I LOVE a purple lip and that’s during any time of the year. A purple lip is an absolute staple and I think anyone can rock it!

4. royallycoco

A close up face photo of royallyrococo on instagram. She is wearing a fall makeup look with yellow liner lined at the bottom of her eyes. She also is wearing a deep red lipstick.

Rococo is wearing a fall look that I like to call with a slight twist. Again, we see another red lip but this red is a more deep red color, which is more my speed. The twist is the yellow eyeliner that’s lined underneath her eyes. I absolutely love it! It’s very subtle, but super cute!

5. sailingsoulfully

A photo of sailing soulfully on instagram. She is wearing a neutral fall makeup look that includes a smokey eye and neutral ombre brown lip combo.

Now we’re getting a little more into some looks with eyeshadows. Jas is wearing a smokey eye with, what I see as, a neutral ombre lip. A smokey eye is my go-to! I couldn’t skip out on having it on my list of favorites. I also love the way it looks like she applied the shadow in a creative way!

6. mua.lydia

A photo of mua.lydia on instagram. She's wearing a white turtleneck shirt . Her makeup look involves orange eyeshadow, highlight on her cheeks, and a light matte orange lip.

Lydia is glowing with this look and I love it! Her entire look is amazing, but I’m loving the highlight that she’s rocking the most. Personally, I’d call this a light orange look. That’s just what it looks like to me and it suits her very well. This look makes me want to attempt different lip colors because I normally go for deep reds and purples. Maybe it has inspired you too!

7. mua.desirea

A closeup face photo of mua.desirea on instagram. She has a fall makeup look with a gold shimmer eyeshadow on the lid and a red eyeshadow on the crease. She also has on a brown fur headband.

It’s all about the eyeshadow with Desiree! Let’s not forget to mention the sharp liner that she’s slaying! I love this gold cut crease and is the ultimate look when you want to stand out. Unfortunately, I can’t do a cut crease this good and the patience to practice is not within me, but this makes me want to try again! This fall look will have all eyes on you for sure!

If you decide to go and check these amazing ladies out, don’t forget to give them a follow as well! Which makeup looks was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


  1. These are all beautiful ladies! Have you tried these looks yourself? It would be cool to see how it looks on different people.

    All the best, Michelle (

    • I haven’t done much makeup during quarantine, but I’m always doing either a natural or smokey eye makeup look by default lol. If you follow me on Instagram, then you can see with my recent shoot! And I agree, they’re absolutely beautiful!

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