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6 Ways You Can Help Your Creator Friends

The creative circuit is really on the rise, especially with quarantine going on and more people than ever are giving the time to let their creative juices flow and even setting up a life where their creativity is what’s paying the bills and giving them the life they’ve always dreamed. Although some of us may wish it was just as easy as putting something out in order to get the income we need/want, it’s not that simple. Yes, the first step is putting a GOOD product out, but the income of us creatives is heavily relied on our supporters. These are family members, friends, and just every day strangers that love the work of the creative they come across (like all of you reading this).

Some people might want to support more but not know how to, or feel like the only way they can is to buy things but can’t afford that option at the moment. If this is you, then don’t worry, I’m here to help you out and give share some ways you can help out your creative friends! These ways are split up into free and purchasing options for those who can’t afford to purchase products your fave creative is selling but still wants to support.



Ads are one of the main ways you can help out creatives. You see them literally everywhere, and although I know it can be annoying, they’re there for a purpose. For YouTubers, it can be a lot of help to not choose to skip the ads. I know it’s really tempting, especially when it’s more than one ad and you just want to get back to the video, but you’re helping pay bills and all you did was watch an ad. You don’t even have to watch it. Mute the video and just take time to text or something. You’ll be surprised how fast time goes by. The same goes for podcasters, except you’re not watching but listening. Fast-forwarding to the rest of the podcast is real easy, but think about it, you’re helping someone get income and it doesn’t cost you a dime. That doesn’t bad, right? Of course not! Again, just do something to pass the time. I’m sure you’re probably doing something already while listening to the podcast.

When it comes to creatives with websites, you may see ads popping up on some. I know, it’s annoying at times, but it helps them out. All you have to do is click the ads. Boom..done! Sounds simple right? It is! Nothing more, nothing less. I have ads on my site as well, so don’t be afraid to do the same for me (hint hint).

Sharing Content

Sharing content is another huge way to help. If you love someone’s content then why wouldn’t you want others to see it as well? Sharing content helps the creator grow in supporters, which then turns into growing in income. I know not every creator does this, but a lot of times creators are so grateful for the shares and new supporters that they provide giveaways. It’s because of the shares and growth that they’re able to even afford to do a giveaway. It all goes full circle!


Buy Products

This includes E-books, Worksheets, physical products, merchandise, etc. Whatever they’re selling, you can help out by purchasing. If you can afford it, then why not? You’re helping someone possibly form a full time business if that’s their goal. A lot of times creators have discount codes as well for purchasing. You’re helping someone and in turn, they’re thanking you.

Taking Their Courses

Sometimes creatives give courses to help you expand in different areas of their expertise. If you feel you need it, then why not take it? If you learned something then it’s not a waste. Go ahead, purchase that course, and expand your knowledge. It can’t hurt but it surely does help!

Try Their Service

There are creatives out there that provide a service such as hairstylists, web designers , musicians, etc. If you have a friend that is a creative, and they provide that service, then why not get them to do it? Uh hello!? It’s almost common sense because it keeps you from looking all over the place for someone else and you can trust this person. I will say though, please don’t ask for discounts just because you’re their friend. If they offer to provide you one on their own then fine, but realize being a friend doesn’t give you discount privilege. That’s not how that works. Support 100% or go to someone else. Remember, you’re helping them pay their bills too.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are everywhere these days…almost like ads. If you’re not sure how they work, basically if you click the link for a product that’s provided for you by the person promoting it and make a purchase through that link, then that person will get some commission. It may seem like it’s going to cost you extra, but there’s no extra cost to you. If you like something, you’re going to buy it anyway, so why not make it go around full circle?

Please continue to help and support content creators anyways you can. Since we’re talking about supporting, I also want to take the time to remind you to keep supporting the Black Lives Matter movement by signing petitions and donating if possible. Also to give your black creators a little extra love. We could work twice as hard(and we often have to) and have our work shut down or swept under the rug. Share twice as much and give twice the love. It helps…I promise.


  1. I appreciate this post SO MUCH!! While all my friends aren’t bloggers or creatives, I think it’s important for them to note that actively interacting with my content helps a ton. From clicking on a link to checking out a product I’ve mentioned, the little things truly go a long way especially in this field. Thanks so much for creating this post, definitely sharing it EVERYWHERE to hint at my friends how much it means to me when they acknowledge my work.
    As usual, you’re crushing it girl!
    xo Bri

    • YES! It really does help so much! I have creator friends and I make sure to share their work when they post on Facebook and everything. I wish my work was shared more often by them to be honest, so I’ll be sharing this everywhere as well to give some hints myself lol. Thanks for reading and I’m so glad you enjoyed my post ♥

  2. Yes! So much yes to this, there are so many ways to support creatives, a lot of people think you have to spend money and whilst that is helpful, if you can’t afford it, there are loads of ways to do it for free! During my HND we had to write a paper on why paying creatives is important and it helped me see it all in a new light, now I always try to support in a monetary way if I can because creatives have a lot of content that they put out for free and as a consumer of that content, it only seems fair to support them.

    Jordanne ||

    • That is so true! I’ve bought a content creator ebook and a podcast ebook and some other stuff from creators because I just genuinely love their work and their personality and I love supporting them. As a consumer as well as someone who understands trying to make income from my work, It’s only right to give back. Thanks for reading and commenting…I love hearing from you and I’m glad you enjoyed my post ♥

  3. Thank you so much for this post, my friends and I are always wrapped up in our work, but after reading this post I sent them something I’ve been working on and support them in their endeavors and wish them the best and they have my full support and theirs nothing but love even if I don’t reach out to them. While in this pandemic you’re isolated while trying to create your work you forget about the outside world but your post brought me back to the reality of the outside world and reminds your friends how much you support their work

    • That’s so awesome to hear! I’m so glad that my post helped you out. It’s so important to make time for supporting your friends. Thank you for reading and commenting ♥

  4. I love supporting my creator friends. They all work really hard to make their content so I try to share and click links as often as I can since it doesn’t cost me anything. And when I do have extra money or need to buy something off Amazon. I keep them in mind and use their links or purchase their products and share it on social media.

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