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6 Things To Do In November To Make You Happy

The halfway mark for November is coming up fast! Daylight savings time has also ended, which means the days are getting shorter and that can make some people a little down during this time.

No matter if it’s the holiday season or just a regular time of the year, everyone deserves to feel a little happiness and joy! Here are six suggestions below that you can do in November to bring you joy and make you happy!

1. Change your normal routine

With the days getting shorter and darker, the routine(s) you followed for Spring and Summer might not work for the Fall and Winter. If you’re feeling a little off or different this season, maybe it’s time to change up your routine a little bit. This can keep things fresh and allow you to follow a routine that flows better with the season.

2. Plan a new activity to try

The year is coming to an end, and I think now is the perfect time to try something new that you’ve never tried before. This can be something that you’ve always dreamed of trying or something that you never thought of but just discovered. If the things you’re doing currently are no longer pleasing you, this is a great way to figure out new activities that excite you!

3. Binge holiday movies

I’m a huge holiday lover, which means that I’m watching Christmas movies the second they start coming out. If the holidays make you happy and put you in a good mood, binging holiday movies is a great way to spend the rest of November. Some people may say it’s too early, but this isn’t about them. At the end of the day, it’s about you and what activities make you happy!

4. Host a Friendsgiving

Friendsgivings are so fun and a great way for friends to get together for the holidays! Sometimes all you need is a great group of friends and delicious food to bring a smile to your face. If you’ve never heard of Friendsgiving, it’s the same as Thanksgiving except it’s where you and your friends gather together before Thanksgiving and everyone brings a dish. I experienced my first Friendsgiving a few years ago and I hope to experience it again sometime soon myself!

5. Bake delicious goodies

The holidays are the perfect time to indulge your sweet tooth with delicious homebaked goodies. I know sweet treats make me smile and they could do the same for you! If you love to bake already then this option is perfect. If you’re not a fan of baking, use this as an opportunity to try something new as I mentioned before. You never know how you might surprise yourself.

6. Order your favorite seasonal Starbucks drink

Starbucks has rolled out their holiday drinks for the season and that announcement alone is enough to make the coffee lover smile! You can order your favorite seasonal drink as often as you like and bring joy to your tastebuds!

Life is too short to spend it unhappily! This month, I challenge you to try one or more of these activities and do something to make yourself happy.

Which activity would you choose to try?


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