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6 Simple And Fun Date Ideas For Fall

With fall being here in all its glory, the weather is slowly getting a little more chilly which is making people ready to bundle up with their blankets, covers, and…well…each other. Around this time, people are looking to grab a date, if they don’t already have someone, and take part in some cute season-themed activities. There are so many different dates ideas, but sometimes you just want to go the simple and fun route, especially if it’s your first date.

Whether you are on your first date, have been dating for a while, or even in a marriage and just trying to keep the spark going, these simple and fun date ideas are perfect for the fall season!

Go out for coffee.

A coffee date is a classic one that, not only is perfect for any time of the year, but one that will never get old. If you and your date are both coffee lovers then this is perfect! Starbucks is a great place to go, but also try to venture out by going to one of your local coffee shops if you’ve never done so before. There is just something different about the atmosphere and vibes when you choose to have a date at a local shop. With coffee dates, you can have an intimate moment where you sit and sip your coffee while making great conversations and getting to know each other. Who knew something so simple could be so nice?

Go on a date to the fair.

Fall season also means fair season as well! The fair is so fun and there are so many different things you and your date can venture into. Going to the fair just might be one of those fall date ideas that will always be suggested, but will never let you down. How can anything go wrong when roller coasters and giant turkey legs are involved!? Well…just make sure you don’t eat anything heavy before getting on a ride!

Take a trip through a corn maze.

A trip through a corn maze is not only simple and fun, but it can also put you and your date’s skills to the test. There is nothing that screams fall like venturing through a maze to get through to the other side.

Go to a drive-in movie theater.

Drive-in theaters have always been a thing and are pretty popular. Since the pandemic, they’ve become even more of a craze! Going to a drive-in movie for a date will allow a different experience and allows you and your date the chance to cuddle up even closer. With the comfort of relaxing in your car while sitting under the stars, the setup makes for a perfect romantic and fun evening.

Try out an escape room.

Where there are puzzles, clues, and a time limit, playing in an escape room will have you and your date working together to escape different rooms and beat the clock! Just typing about it sounds like a fun adventure. If you’re on a first date with someone, I think this will not only be fun but different as a first date. If you want to fit the theme of spooky season, you can try going to a horror-themed escape room!

Go on a hike.

Going on a hike might not seem like a fun date for some, but for others, it’s actually really fun and relaxing. Whether you two are fitness fanatics or you both just like a nice hike to appreciate and take in nature, the fall weather makes it even better to enjoy. After your walk, I’m sure you both will be ready for some fuel and can even continue the date by grabbing something to eat!

These are just a few date ideas that you can take and use, but get creative! You can be simple and still add your own creative flair to the fall fun.

What’s your favorite fall date idea? Do you prefer something more simple or something more extravagant?


    • I would love to give it a try myself! It’s something different for sure and seems so much more comfortable.

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