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6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Grandparents: Blogmas Day 3

Although the holidays aren’t about gifts, wanting to give someone something for Christmas is naturally within you when it’s someone you love. However, the question stands…what do you give someone when it feels as if they already have everything in the world?

This is how I often feel about my grandparents when it’s time to think of gift ideas for them. If this thought comes to my mind, then I know there must be others who think the same way as I do. With that being said, these gift ideas I’ve provided are pretty simple, but sometimes it’s the simple things we tend to skip past the most!

Heated blanket

If you have ever lived with your grandparents or visited them often, then you know the struggle of how hot it is in the house. It could be summertime and they would still have the heat close to 80 degrees. This is because, the older you get, the easier it is for you to get cold. This doesn’t apply to everyone, but from my experience, it’s something that I’ve seen often. Heated blankets are perfect for the grandparent that likes it warm no matter the season. They can stay warm and snuggly, don’t have to worry about possibly catching a cold, and it’s saving others that may live with them from melting.

Massage pillow

All of the elderly and elderly at heart can join together on this one and agree that the joints just aren’t “jointing” like they used to. Sometimes your bones tend to randomly make the decision to disgrace you and now you’re in pain. If you think you’re experiencing back pain at 30, imagine how your grandparents must feel. A massage pillow can end up becoming a Godsend for them, and even better, they’re getting a daily massage free of charge.


Okay, let’s be honest, mugs make great gifts for anyone, which is why they’re also perfect for your grandparents! Specifically, I think the ones with cute sayings such as “Best Grandpa” or “#1 Grandma” are really cute to give as gifts. I’ve given my grandmother a gift as a mug that was customized with her name on it and that has become her go to mug ever since!

Cooking set

Though this is a gift for your grandparents, this is ultimately going to end up being a blessing for you as well. Grandparents love to cook meals for their family and keep them well fed. If you purchase your grandparents some new cookware then they just may have the urge to break them in and cook a nice meal (you’re welcome). Cooking a lot on pots and pans that aren’t top quality ends up in the pans looking rusty, scratched up, etc. If it looks like your grandparent’s pans are at that level, help them upgrade and get them the cookware they deserve!


Who doesn’t like a nice pair of slippers!? Allow your grandparents to feel a little bit of luxury while keeping their feet warm with some nice fuzzy slippers. As mentioned previously, they can feel cold pretty easily and quite often, so a pair of warm slippers would make a perfect gift by themselves or with the heated blanket.

If you read this and agreed that you would like all of these gifts as well, you are now a certified grandparent. Okay, so not really, but these gifts are also perfect for anyone who likes or could use them. If you buy these for your grandparents, they will not only love them, but they will love and appreciate you for it!

Which Christmas gift do you think is the best idea to give?


  1. The heated blanket is such a brilliant idea, I’m half tempted to look into one for myself for Christmas x

    • Same! Every birthday and Christmas is an ultimate struggle, but those are some great choices and even better if gifted together!

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