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6 Boss Babes That Motivate Me

Happy Monday everyone! It’s not only Monday but motivation Monday! Also, it’s Women’s History Month! With the combination of Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day having passed this month, and it being motivation Monday, I figured why not do a post of some boss babes that motivate me??

Please note that these aren’t the only amazing women who motivate me, but just six that I decided to highlight in this post who are mostly influencers, Youtubers, etc. If I shared all the boss babes that motivate me on one post, then that would be a LONG post! But maybe I can do another one sharing even more beauties if you all would like. Without further ado, check out these boss babes!

Alicia is kind of like me…if I had my life together. I know no one ever has their lives fully together, but I can’t help but think I need to get to it when I see her stories on Instagram. Her to do lists are so cute and remind me that I need to be doing SOMETHING productive. She’s a Youtuber, business owner, and the first boss babe on the list! I love her style and get some inspiration from it as well. I know this doesn’t mean a lot to some people, but her theme on Instagram is everything! If you want to check this boss babe out, her info will be below:

Youtube: livinfearless

Instagram: livin_fearless


Eriana is the plus-sized fashion queen! On her page, you’ll see her rocking all kinds of cute looks, and it’s just a reminder that plus sized clothing doesn’t have to be limited. A lot of times I have fashion inspiration for when I lose some weight, but her style is a reminder that I can rock looks now as well! I highly suggest my plus-sized ladies especially to check out this boss babe!

Instagram: erianalane

Lily is a Youtuber and the definition of my aesthetic! She’s the inspiration for my decor in my room and office and is the reason why my love for rosegold grew the way it did. Her style is EVERYTHING and all I need to do is scroll her Instagram if I need some fashion inspiration! Not only is she an inspiration for fashion and decor, but she also has her own business as well! She has her own planners that she sells and they are so cute! My goal is to be able to purchase them one day. Oh, and let’s not forget…she graduated from law school! Can you see why she’s my motivation? If you want to check this boss babe out, her info will be below:

Youtube: Lilylikecom

Instagram: lilylikecom


Janea is someone I wish I could be when it comes to taking care of plants. I am not a plant person whatsoever, but looking at her boho aesthetic photos makes me wish I was. I just know my plants wouldn’t last a day if I held onto them. However, there’s something about her style that just motivates and inspires me, and that’s why she’s on my boss babe list! She’s also a Youtuber and i recommend you check her videos out! If you want to check this boss babe out, her info will be below:

Youtube: jnaydaily

Instagram: jnaydaily

Karla is a YouTuber, influencer, business owner, and just overall badass boss babe! Every time I go on her Instagram, I feel like I need to get myself in gear and get my career as a full time blogger and business owner together. She knows she’s a boss and she shows it! If you want to check this boss babe out, her info will be below:

Youtube: Princessbellaaa

Instagram: Karlatobie


Kalyn is my fitness inspiration! As aesthetically pleasing as her Instagram is, she’s way more than aesthetics. This badass boss babe is a podcaster, Youtuber, author, business owner, and fitness queen. The list could go on! If just reading all that doesn’t motivate you to want to get it in gear, then I have no clue what will! Her Youtube videos always make me feel like I need to do a deep clean inside and out. If you want to check this boss babe out, her info will be below:

Youtube’s: kalyn nicholson || Koze


Podcast: kalyn’s coffee talk


So there you have it…six boss babes that motivate me! I hope you check everyone out and get some motivation of your own as well! Is there someone on a social platform that motivates you? Comment below and I’ll check them out!


  1. What an honor to see you supporting other women bloggers and influencers. You too are the real MVP for shouting others. I Love your positive vibes. Keep shining. Great Blog!

    • Thank you so much. I think it’s so important for women to support each other! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks for reading ♥

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