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6 Black Luxury Brands To Gift Yourself For Christmas: Blogmas Day 17

A wise person once said…treat yourself! With Christmas being right around the corner, the days are getting more and more hectic with trying to find gifts for everyone before it’s too late. Christmas is the season of gifting others, but also yourself.

There are so many people in the world who constantly give beyond the season and the only thing they give themselves is the gift of sleep at night (hopefully). This season, treat yourself to these six black luxury brands. There’s nothing better than luxury items, and even more so, luxury items from black owned brands!


Forever Mood is a brand created by, the one and only, Jackie Aina. We all love a good Bath and Body Works candle, but they have nothing on the packaging and luxury of a Forever Mood candle! The names of these candles are also a vibe and will make you want to purchase them alone. Grab a candle (or a bunch) and engulf yourself in some luxurious scents.


If you’re on Twitter then you know Nai, the queen of skincare. She has items in her shop that will take self-care to the next level. Treat yourself this season and gift yourself some matching bath sets like a lux robe or a big bow headband.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Black luxury isn’t just clothing or candles. Skin protection is the gift that keeps on giving! Make sure to grab yourself some sunscreen from Black Girl Sunscreen and keep yourself protected from the sun without dealing with the white cast most sunscreens are known for giving.

McBride Sisters Wine

Nothing says black luxury like popping wine made from a black-owned company. Even better, the name of the wines are called the Black Girl Magic collection. With the stressful holidays, you need to sit back, grab a wineglass, and pour up some black girl magic wine.


Who doesn’t love a luxury purse? Not only are these black luxury, but they make a statement. Cise has a collection of purses with the statement “Protect Black People” on them and they are a must-have. Let people know where you stand when it comes to black lives, and do it in style!


We have finally reached the clothing section, and Hanifa does not disappoint! These clothing items are beautiful and, though your wallet may be upset with you, your body will thank you. Forget making a statement…you will be the statement!

If you’re reading this, this is your sign to shop luxury items from black-owned brands. We all deserve some luxury in our lives and after a season where you’re gifting others, you have to make sure you’re gifting yourself as well!

Have you shopped from any of these brands before? Which one would you like to shop from the most?


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