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6 Black Inventors You Need To Know: Part4

It’s time for the last part of my Black History Month mini series! That’s right, I’m still finishing the series regardless of it not being Black History month anymore. I may have taken my break the last week of February, but you can learn about black history no matter what month it is. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, then you have a little bit of catching up to do. For Black History Month, I did a mini series where every Friday I introduced 6 black inventors. If you have not seen those, then here is part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Now let’s get into our final part of the series and learn about some more amazing black inventors!

1. Lewis Latimer

Before I get into what he actually invented, did you guys know that Lewis Latimer helped contribute to the lightbulb and telephone!? That’s for sure news to me, but it’s so amazing to hear. As far as what he actually invented, he designed an improved version of the railroad bathroom and an early design of the air condition unit. I’ve never been on a train or anything, but something tells me that was very necessary, and we all know how important air conditioning units are!

2. Elijah MCcoy

If you’re an engineer or into engineering, then you might enjoy learning this one (or maybe you already know)! MCcoy was an inventor and engineer who was most noted for his 57 patents…that’s a lot! Can you guess what they were mostly for? Well, most of them dealt with the lubrication of steam engines! Because of him, trains are able to travel a lot better and more efficiently.

3. Thomas Jennings

Do you dry clean your sheets or clothes? Well guess who’s responsible for the invention of it..that’s right…this guy! Can you imagine not being able to dry clean somethings? I feel like dry cleaning is a luxury. A luxury that some people would be lost without. Just imagine…no dry cleaning and your dress is dry clean only. The horror!

4. James West

If you can every find a way to cross this man’s path, I would say thank you…especially if you’re a musician. And yes, he’s still alive(I would hope him being alive would be the only way you’re able to cross his path)! Testing…testing…1,2,3…Can you hear me? Good because you need to hear that James West invented the electret microphone! All the times I’ve sung in a mic and I never thought about who to thank (I’m sure I’m not the only one). Thank you Mr. West!

5. Henry Blair

If you like to garden or anything of that nature, then you might appreciate this fact. Henry Blair invented the seed planter, which helped farmers plant more corn in less time. I honestly think that’s really awesome! If work smarter, not harder was a person then it would be Henry Blair in the farming world!

6. George Crum

*Crunch!* That was the sound of a delicious potato chip being devoured. And just who can we thank for honoring us with such a delicious snack? Mr. George Crum! This man obviously was a super genius in his time. If only he could see how far potato chips have gone with all their different flavors and types!

This concludes the mini series for Black History Month! I hope you guys have enjoyed learning about all the different inventors. Do you like series like these? Let me know in the comments and I may just do more for you!


    • I honestly think schools all around could do so much better when it comes to teaching black history. We didn’t learn a lot of these either. A lot of times it was the same people talked about. AndI’m glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading πŸ’•

    • I’m so glad you loved it! I really wanted to showcase some people you don’t hear about often in history books or don’t get the spotlight during black history month. And yes Mr.Crum honestly has my heart now!

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