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6 Black Inventors You Need To Know: Part3

We’re on part 3 of our mini series and I hope you guys are enjoying it! I’ve been getting pretty good feedback on these posts. I’m glad I can help educate while also learning myself. With that being said, it’s the ladies turn again, so let’s learn about some more boss babe women inventors of the past!

lyda newman1. Lyda Newman

Let me be a first to thank Ms. Newman for inventing the hairbrush! Ok, so she didn’t invent the hairbrush, BUT she did invent a much improved version of it. The version she created had a row of bristles like you see today with a compartment for dirt and debris to fall into and a button so you can empty that compartment. How cool is that!? Something even cooler and pretty badass is that she helped fight for women’s right to vote. Not an invention, but very worthy of being mentioned!

ellen eglin2. Ellen Eglin

Ellen Eglin is the inventor of the clothes wringer. You might’ve seen this in movies that portray a setting in slavery days or just old movies/shows. I think the clothes wringer was an important invention because it’s like a stepping stone to the clothes dyers we use today. Thank God for modern technology!

Dr. Shirley Jackson3. Dr. Shirley Jackson

Be glad this woman was so smart because without her, you wouldn’t know if you should answer a call or ignore it! I’m talking about the invention of caller ID. Along with caller ID there’s call waiting, portable fax, and many more things tech related!

patricia bath 4. Patricia Bath

I want to start by saying this woman just passed away last year…LAST YEAR Y’ALL. How crazy is that!? I mean it’s not that insane, but it’s still a crazy realization that some of these inventors are still alive among us. It’s amazing. What’s also amazing…especially for anyone who’s had laser cataract surgery…is that she invented the Laserphaco Probe. What’s that? Well, it’s a device that improved how lasers removed cataracts. This has saved the eyesight of so many people around the world!

Marjorie_Stewart_Joyner 5. Marjorie Joyner

This woman has made her way into the cosmetology world with her invention of the more compact permanent wave machine. The permanent wave machine, in short, basically is a machine that used heat, water, and chemicals to curl hair. Marjorie’s new compact version wasn’t just more compact, but it was also designed to where it could straighten hair as well.

valerie thomas 6. Valerie Thomas

Have you seen any 3D movies? If you’re a lover of them, then you can thank Ms. Thomas for them! She was not only a NASA DATA ANALYST (yup that’s right), but she invented an illusion transmitter that helped to transmit 3D illusions. How cool is that!? I haven’t seen a 3D movie since I was a kid…if ever at that…but with this information, I just might have to watch one now!

There you have it! Another list of black inventors down. Which is your favorite invention out of the 6? Comment and let’s discuss!



  1. I like how we take certain things for granted like hair brushes and yes even something like a clothese wringer , but to think our life would be so different without them . And yes Caller ID is super useful.

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