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6 Black Inventors You Need To Know: Part1

Happy Black History Month!

Although black people should be celebrated at any time of the year, this month is specially made for us! Remember, I’m not The Princess Diaries…I’m The BLACK Princess Diaries!

With that being said, in honor of black history month, I’ll be doing a little 4 part series. The series will include names of 6 black inventors and just a little bit of what they invented. These posts will go up every Friday (maybe I’ll call it fact Friday?), Hence why there are 4 parts because there are four Fridays this month. I will be alternating between women and men inventors and since ladies first, enjoy learning about some bomb ass black woman inventors!

cj walker1. Madam C. J. Walker

If you used a black hair care product on your head today, say “thank you Ms.Walker!” Because of the invention of her line of African American hair care products, we don’t have to struggle today. Our scalps can feel revived and our curls can flourish!

marie 2. Marie Van Brittan Brown

If you’ve never had to go without having a security system in your home, could you imagine what it would be like without one? What if they were never invented? Well, you can thank this woman right here because she invented the first home security system along with her husband. We are able to have the luxury of feeling a little safer in our homes thanks to this amazing woman.

sarah 3. Sarah E. Goode

Before I get into what she invented, this bomb ass woman was the first ever African American woman to receive a United States patent. How amazing is that!? Ready to hear what it was for? It was for the invention of a folding cabinet bed. I found this to be very interesting, and then I saw that today the cabinet bed is now called a Murphy Bed. I had to Google that because I had no idea what a Murphy bed was. If you don’t know what a Murphy bed is, it’s basically a bed you can flip up into the wall. I think that’s so cool and a great way to save space.

sarah boone 4. Sarah Boone

This is clearly a good moment for Sarah’s of the world! Have you ever just said “Thank you Sarah!” while ironing your clothes? Probably not, but maybe you would’ve if you knew Sarah Boone, who invented the ironing board. If you never iron your clothes, that might change if she was around because, judging by this picture, she looks like she didn’t play!

mary 5. Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner

Mary Kenner helped change the game forever for women. Because of her just wanting life to be a bit easier during the time of the month, women are now able to have adhesive maxi pads. Kenner invented the sanitary belt, which, in my words, is like a pad you wear using straps. Sounds crazy right!? Well, what’s even crazier is the fact that it didn’t even get patented until 30 years later due to racism. Hopefully I have no racists on my blog, but if you are and you wear pads, I hope you and other racist women enjoy knowing they wouldn’t have those pads without a black woman!

mildred kenner 6. Mildred Kenner

Along with Mary comes her sister Mildred. She is the creator of the toilet tissue holder. You never think of these things that you casually use every day…you just use them. Something so simple helps make things a little easier and of course it’s made by a black woman!

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  1. This was such an interesting post! I loved that you started with the ladies first! 😉 I had heard of Madame C.J. Walker before. Wasn’t she the first African-American woman millionaire too? I remember reading that and just thinking, “legend!” And also that I need her business sense. I love learning facts like these! It reminds us of the important women that came before us and helped our lives so much, without us even realizing it. Thank you for highlighting these fantastic and smart women of color! And I love the title “Fact Friday” for this series! 🙂

    Emily |


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