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6 Apps That’ll Help Your Social Media

When your social media isn’t on point, then it might leave you a bit unmotivated. You’re not getting the engagement you’d like, your pictures aren’t as bright or aren’t aesthetically pleasing to your own eye let alone others, and you have nothing special or unique about it going on. If you’ve been a reader for the past few weeks now, then you’d know that I started doing Motivational Mondays. Well, being satisfied with how you’re posting, what you’re posting, and your engagement can be very motivating. Social media isn’t everything, but I know for me when I do something, if it’s not turning out the way I like, then I get down and unmotivated. So today I’m bringing you guys the 6 apps that I use personally for my social media. If you feel you need to up your game then maybe they’ll help you!


First up is Headliner! I only use headliner for when I want to convert one of my podcast episodes into a video or display a part of it on Instagram for promo so if you’re a podcaster then I highly recommend. Even if you’re not a podcaster, of course, you can still use it too. Since finding Headliner I have not used any other app to do this and it’s really easy to use!


I really want to up my Instagram stories, so I downloaded Mostory. Mostory is good for doing animated Instagram stories. I just officially started using it, but with themes and everything it has, I’m already in love. Hopefully I can up my game, and become an Insta-story pro!


If you haven’t heard of Buffer, then you’re missing out. If you’re tired of having to go on each of your social media’s to post content (which is very time consuming) or you can’t always post at specific times that you like due to work, then this is for you. Buffer is what I use to schedule my social media posts and it’s the best thing ever! Say I want to have morning posts go up at 7AM across all my socials. I just make the post for each one, set the time, and I’m good to go. Now it may look like I’m awake, but I’m probably in bed sleeping away(but don’t tell anyone). It’s perfect if you want to stick to a posting schedule, which could help your overall engagement as well!


I’m not going to lie to you, if you haven’t heard of Canva then you might be living under a rock. In my opinion, Canva is the holy grail for the creative. You can edit photos, make practically ANYTHING from Instagram stories, to banners and logos, to even resumes! The best part is that you don’t even have to get premium to get good benefits. I use it so much that I decided to get premium for more image options and even more fonts, but it not necessary. I HIGHLY suggest it!


I actually learned about this app from a blog post that Ellie did and I’m so glad I decided to download it. I love the filters on it. They’re so aesthetically pleasing and you can create your own recipe so that way you’re able to apply it to all of your other photos if you like making Instagram themes.


Koloro is another photo editing app that’s really good to use. There are a ton of presets, but be warned, you do have to pay for some. There are also different overlays you can use. I only use about two presets from here, but they’re ones I love!

Feeling unmotivated about your social media? Try these apps and let me know how they work for you!

Is there an app that you love to use for your social media?


    • Thank you! Canva is life! You should try out some of the other apps as well. They’re really great. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  1. Thank you for this post! I wasn’t familiar with buffer but im excited to try it out. I love Canva btw I totally agree that it is the holy grail.

    • I think you’ll love it! It’s such a time saver because you can make your posts for your socials all at once. Best post scheduling app I’ve tried thus far. And yaas Canva for the win! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. Love these!! Awesome recommendations! Saw something about Foodie come across my feed the other day and kept scrolling because I literally thought it had to do with food… Lol. Glad you were able to clear that up for me!

    • lol, I don’t blame you. I would’ve thought that too if I didn’t read a post about it first. It can help with your food pictures though! lol. Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad you liked the recommendations!

  3. I would be LOST without Canva for so many reasons. It’s my go-to for pin creation right now – there are just so many great ways you can design using it. It’s SUPER user-friendly which definitely helps as well!

    • It’s amazing for making pins! I struggled with doing those, but I think I’m getting better. And yes it is! Perfect for anyone to use.

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